you are God (part 15)…

eliminate all differences.
see the wonder of oneness.
every pre-conceived notion of yours is about to melt away.
into thin air.
so you can clearly see how nothing is separate.
everything is part of you.
i am part of you.
as you are part of me.
this is the answer.
the way forward.
there’s too much discord in the world.
everyone’s fighting for what’s “theirs”
what did anyone bring with them into this world?
what will they take away?
realize this.
this is the key.
everything is transient.
you, & only you, are real.
& you are real only when you realize.
that you are God.
the creator.
that’s it.
that’s your whole journey.
summed up in a few words.
that’s your goal.
that’s your way.
that’s your path.
to realizing.
that you are God.
may your own light shine bright on you.
may your own blessings anoint you.
may your own grace touch you.
and make you see.
that you are God…

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