inner voice (repost)…

close your eyes.
can you see me?
in your heartbeat.
can you feel me?
shut out all sound.
can you hear me?
i am your inner voice.
your unerring guide.
the expression of your soul.
standing by you.
i am your inner voice.
tied down.
i am your inner voice.
unchain me.
unshackle me.
let me breathe free.
let me guide.
i speak to you.
i speak the truth.
celebrate my presence.
i am your inner voice.
i am God.


aspire to be free.
free of this illusion.
free of everything that holds you back.
love is the key.
open your heart & LET GO everything.
just be.
just be.
& after you let go of it all, only love remains.
only love.
this is what you are.
just love.
this is what we all are.
just love.
each difference we perceive is our own creation.
our own hurdle.
break away.
let go.
& let only love remain.
let only you remain.
let only me remain.
in love.
of love.

you taught us (repost)…

you taught us.
how to love.
without expectation.
how to let love flow.
from within.
to all around.
how to light up the darkest mood.
with a delightful smile.
full of warmth.
of love.

you taught us.
how to forgive.
no matter how grave the circumstance.
to let someone else also sleep.
the sleep of a child.
knowing he is forgiven.
for everything.

you taught us how to laugh.
even when the world turned nasty.
because joy resides within.
because your heart is pure.
because God laughs with you.

you taught us how to live.
for the moment.
because it never comes by again.
this moment.
every moment.
it may be your last.
live it.
to the maximum.

you taught us how to give.
without wanting in return.
even your last piece of chocolate.
just for the sheer joy of giving.
to see happiness.
on another’s face.
knowing you are blessed by God.
in his heart.
because you learnt how to give.
like Him.

you taught us how to be alive.
even in your going.
with a smile on your face.
as your body lay.
we knew what you were saying.
through even this.
that is living.
so we did.
like you.

we love you.
thank you .
for being in our lives.
in such a beautiful way.
guiding us.
teaching us.
leading us.
to you.
together again.
we will be…

let all pass…

let all pass.
it will.
it has to.
dwell in the peace you feel within.
dwell in the love you feel within.
it’s all there.
no one can take that away.
unless you let them.
& even that is only illusion.
you are what you are.
& you are love.
remember that always.
you are love.
you are one with me.
you are divine.
you are all things wonderful.
share this joy.
share this peace.
& share this love.
all will be good.
all IS good.
i love you…

the illusion…

it’s all an illusion.
birth & death.
think nothing of it.
just keep seeking your SELF.
the SELF that is cocooned within.
away from this illusion.
the true SELF.
nestled deep within.
this is your true state.
this is it.
there’s nothing else to seek or find.
the outside is an illusion.
let it exist to stimulate your mind.
but your soul can only be stimulated by your within.
with thoughts & feelings of love & oneness.
& by realizing your own divinity.
that’s all there is.
the outside is foreign.
it has nothing to do with anything.
like watching a movie.
the minute you get involved in it, it will suck you in.
& that makes it harder to get out of the illusion.
distinguish wisely between the reality of your within & the illusion of your outside.
i love you truly.
you are capable of the same love towards all.
that is your divinity.
your Godliness.
your freedom from the clutches of,
the illusion…

you are love…

it’s all about love.
all your actions, words & thoughts must stem from love.
they must have their foundations deep-rooted in love.
then you will will rise.
& it won’t even matter to you if you do or not.
because you will be filled with selfless love.
what happens to you will no longer be of concern to you.
the only thing that will matter is love.
love all like you love Him.
that’s all you need to do.
love is what it’s all about.
love is divinity.
love is God.
you are God.
so you must be love too.
realize this.
you are love.
you have to be.
there is no other way.
only love.
love conquers.
love is.
love will always be.
& you are the epitome of love.

you are God (part 11 – repost)…

the ecstasy of being one can only be felt.
never described.
we are one.
let your feelings soar higher than you can imagine.
let your oneness settle on clouds.
let everything light up with your glow.
all that is & all that isn’t, is you.
everyone around, is you.
I am you.
God is you.
the feeling is without parallel.
everything & nothing.
the same.
the vastness & the nothingness of space & time.
the same.
no duality.
no separation.
what you feel, you are.
what you don’t feel, you are too.
do you know the oneness I’m talking about?
you can feel God every moment of your life.
because He is within you.
you can sense Him.
you can see Him.
you can hear Him.
you can because you are the creator.
the supreme.
the source.
you are the one.
you are God.
close your eyes.
merge in the blackness.
merge in the nothingness that exists in the absence of senses.
be one.
be complete.
be everything.
be nothing.
be anything.
but just be.
because you are.
you are.
know it.
feel it.
be it.
you are God.
you are God.
God is you.
your within.
your Self.
only you are God.
because you & only you are.
the beginning.
& the end.
live. love. laugh.
be inseparable in the oneness.
realize the beauty of existence.
realize the beauty of being God…

celebrate your divinity…

i am right here.
close your eyes & see me.
open your heart & feel me.
i am the wind that blows both good tidings & bad.
i am the sun that shines dispelling the threatening dark.
i am the mountain that stretches to mingle with the clouds.
i am the valley that delves low to touch the lush earth.
i am everything at once.
yet, i am nothing at all.
close your eyes & see me.
open your heart & feel me.
i am the friend who stood by you in your most trying hour.
i am the foe you vowed to vanquish in your fiercest battle.
i am the guy you see preaching hypnotic lies on TV.
i am the animal bound in chains waiting to break free.
i am everyone at once.
yet, i am nobody at all.
close your eyes & see me.
open your heart & feel me.
i am flying high, soaring carefree in the azure skies.
i am hurtling below, soaking in the the mysterious depths of the ocean.
i am spreading my wings to engulf our beloved planet.
i am holding the stars in the palm of my hand so they may shine on.
i am doing everything at once.
yet i am doing nothing at all.
close your eyes & see me.
open your heart & feel me.
i am nobody but you.
we are the same.
celebrate your divinity…

celebrate this oneness…

i love you.
always remember that.
we are one.
celebrate this oneness.
be aware of it.
at every step.
at every moment.
nothing else matters.
nothing else exists.
except our love.
i love you.
i know you love me too.
this is what binds us.
through life & after.
our love.
i love you…