your heart defines your soul…

do the right thing always.
you’ll always know what that is.
leave behind the discord that arises from time to time.
focus on the good.
focus on the blessings that are showered on you.
lucky are you to be able to live life like this.
blessed are you that you have not lost your smile,
& the laughter in your heart.
these are things that matter.
these are real.
your heart is your guide.
always listen to it.
even though there will be conflict with the mind at times.
the heart should always win.
because it is not governed by thought.
just feeling.
& love.
these words are valuable beyond belief.
share them.
let all know.
that the true path to travel on is always the path led by the heart.
that your heart is your representative of God within you.
that your heart defines your soul.
that your heart is love.
for all.
open it up for everyone.
it will expand as much as required.
there are no limitations to the amount of love you can feel & spread.
it’s your continuous supply of the divine.
of your own Godliness.
always ready to flow with no expectation.
so blessed are you, so as to be able to reside within your heart.
for all time.
and when you need inspiration,
just remember.
He is your heartbeat.
now & forever…

4 thoughts on “your heart defines your soul…

  1. Greetings Anil….Your first line of this writing pretty much sums it all up. Kind of like a haiku poem of few lines, that one line says everything one needs to know or do. ‘Do the right thing always’. All we have to do is get up everyday and do the right thing in all we do….That includes being your best. Yes, thank you! I have been writing haiku’s lately loving the challenge of saying what I feel in as few words as possible. Nothing like getting to the heart of the matter. Blessings….. VK

    Energies collide like bumper cars
    as we ride the roller coaster ride
    with no way off but to ascend.

  2. “Sometimes don’t you become nervous
    With all around you so noxious,
    And knowing so very well
    Each turn could be your end?

    “Sometimes don’t you seek safer refuge
    As you’re amidst problems so huge;
    Seek to hide your face
    With your every pace?

    “Sometimes doesn’t it just dawn on you
    That in spite of all you’re & others too,
    Your #journey would take a bend
    And just come to a sudden end?”

    You ought to read my ‘Even Odds’

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