I am Aarti Raheja, wife of Anil Raheja and mother of Ahaan Raheja, as labelled by this world. In reality the relationship goes way beyond. We have been together for many lifetimes and have finally realised our purpose in this life.

I lost my 12 year old boy, Ahaan a few years ago. and these few years have been an incredible revelation to me – about life. How it is up to me to choose to be happy or sad, no matter the circumstances. It really is within me to create the universe around for myself. I can do it by smiling and spreading cheer or I can clam up, shut down and radiate misery.

This way of living was taught to us by our son who came back to tell us the ultimate truths of existence. Never leaving us. Guiding us to the light within us, the light of the soul, the light of love and the light of oneness of all souls.

We chose to accept life for it is – unending and by keeping a positive outlook we hope to dispel unnecessary grief – which is too abundant in our opinion. Not just when you lose a loved one but it could be a divorce, betrayal, addiction etc.

This blog is just our way of sharing the pearls of wisdom handed down to us which helped us transform from devastation, guilt, depression, and other egotistical layers to peace and love as the nature of our being. We really have nothing to do with it. We take no credit for it. We open our hearts and the words come tumbling out…

Three years after Ahaan passed on, Anil, my husband, Ahaan and Armaan’s(my younger son) father and the person to start this blog too dropped his body.

We had been taught well and when this heart wrenching situation hit us, was when I realised that the illusion of death had lost it’s hold, the love was still intact, the separation was only physical and we were united at a soul level – The only level that matters in life and in death. There was love and peace flowing. Life is being led in joy and celebration with love in the heart of all creation. It is God’s grace.

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  1. Hey Guys…I wanted to ask you where I go to nominate my seven people for the versatile award? I can’t find any info on it. I’m confused…Thanks. I appreciate your help! VK

    • from what i gather, i think it works like a chain mail – you just nominate the blogs and put a note on your page as well as inform the blogs that you’ve nominated them. that’s how i did it…good luck & happy thanksgiving…God bless

    • maiyata – thank you so much for your kind words. these words just come through us. we cannot take any credit for them. they flow & we put them out. that’s where our role ends. God bless & love always…

  2. Hi, I know that there are many awards, but I have invented
    a new one which does not carry with it any type of
    rules nor obligations.
    I would like to grant you all the BraveHeart Award
    which is given for people of courage in different life circumstances.
    If you feel able to accept, there is a small lion shield to
    copy from here to your blog –
    Wishing you all peace and love,

    • we are so humbled. thank you so much. but it would be completely wrong on our part to accept this. what we write just comes to us – we do not actually sit & write it. we believe it’s just Ahaan writing this through us. He’s the one who’s given us the strength to deal with his “loss” – even though we feel we’ve only lost him in his physical form, but have “found” him in every other way. God bless & love always…

  3. Anil…Blessings to you all…I don’t want to be nosey but just hope is all okay as you have disappeared which is so unlike you. Just checking on you my friend. Be well….VK πŸ™‚

    • VK all is good. Have been terribly busy. Haven’t really been able to blog for a few days. Promise to be back soon. Also going to be out of town till the 29th. Will mail you. Take care. God bless & love always πŸ™‚

  4. Greetings Anil…I am back with another award for you…The ABC Award. I am so impressed with your courage and strength and dedication to getting Aahan’s words out there. All you have to do is place the logo on your site, write about yourself by saying something for each letter of the alphabet about yourself and nominating others….You can get the award logo here: http://thethoughtpalette.co.uk/abc-award/ Thanks for all you do and congrats to you all…VK πŸ™‚

  5. Loosing a Child is I think one of the hardest ever experiences, we have to endure .. And I thank you for the courage you have shown in sharing that grief and turning it into a positive experience to help others see that ‘Death’ is not the end, in fact its just the beginning…
    Thank you Anilraheja, for dropping by my Dreamwalkers Sanctuary… I hope that you will find many things that help bring Light to your already Enlightened Spirit.. ..
    Love and Blessings to you and your family. ~Sue Dreamwalker x

    • Thank you Sue. We are humbled by the kind words. All I can say is that in Ahaan’s passing, he’s opened up this tremendously gratifying & beautiful world to us. Where we see all as being one. We are blessed to come across all of you. Couldn’t ask for more. We are truly blessed. Thank you once again. I love your blog & have enjoyed going through it – intend to spend a lot more time on it as well. Keep writing. God bless & love always….

      • Many Thanks Again Anil…. This leaves a huge smile upon my face…. It has swelled my own heart very much to know that so many people come together with love in their hearts.. and I smile that you realise we are ALL of us are indeed ONE.. Including our animal kingdom.. All of us One family…

        Many have walked a different path thinking we are separate and Many have chosen a negative route.. But I KNOW deep within my being Anil, that Love and LIGHT will win that battle.. And I know that we each of us are here at this time in order to help our world through to that transition of Unity where even through the turmoil, grief, and suffering, and the ensuing chaos we see .. Love and compassion will shine through as the voice of people who want what is right will enable our world to change for the better.. I so dream of this day..

        Keep that love and knowledge within your hearts Anil and live from the heart.. Only by doing that and not getting caught up within the various fear-based things which are starting to kick off in the world again.. Can we add our own light to the positive energies and not add to the negative whirlpool which is what our media spreads around as we sit and absorb it in our homes..
        Love and Blessing… Sue~ Dreamwalker xx

      • amen Sue. perfectly said!! let our love & light come shining through…for all of us as ONE!!! thank you for your lovely words & am so glad really, that our paths have crossed. they had to πŸ™‚
        God bless & love always.

  6. Hello, finally found a little bit of time to browse blog, only to discover you lost your little boy. I can’t tell you how sorry I am about that. I know from my own experience how terrible the loss of a loved one is (in my case not a child, but the love of my life) and how your life changes in just that single moment. There is only one cure: keep smiling, as you apparently do

    • Hi Steph.
      I’m sorry for your loss too. You’re right life does change in that single moment. But, I think, as you rightly said, the thing to do is smile through life. The choice to make that change a positive one or give in to the depths of misery is really up to us. It’s so easy to let go of everything & be miserable. But that would be the worst thing we could do to the memory of our loved ones. I think being positive & smiling pleases them too. I am sure you smile a lot too :). As my son says – Live. Love. Laugh. God bless & lots of love.

    • steph – I’d written this a little after Ahaan passed on. Thought you may like to read it:

      If you were to return…

      If you were to return,
      What would I do?
      Would I hold you close to my heart?
      Would I kiss your angelic face?
      Would I tell you how much I loved you?
      But I do these things still,
      Every day of my earthly life
      So I wonder how different things would really be,
      if you were to return to me?

      • Touched. God Bless, always, that this strength and positivity is with you and your family.
        Thank you for dropping by on my blog. Humbled by your words here.

  7. Hello Anil
    I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award as you and your blog truly deserve it, spreading so much positive messages after living through such a terrible thing. Details can be found here:http://wp.me/p1ZC80-IL
    Have a nice day.
    Love, Steph

    • Steph – what can I say? You keep humbling us more each time. Thank you for your kindness. And, thank you for your wonderful blog & most of all thank you for being in our lives. God bless. Much love.

      • Dear Anil, the pleasure is all mine and you more than deserve this. As I said, your blog really brings sunshine, your poems lighten up my days and I admire enormously the way you live your life after your loss.
        Love and a big hug.
        Steph xxx

  8. I am sure Ahaan is perching in heaven now, with his lips smiling widely when you write these posts to dedicate them to him. You have done a wonderful job, and you have my deep respect.

    Keep blogging, keep inspiring! πŸ™‚ Peace be upon you. Namaste. πŸ™‚

    Subhan Zein

    • thank you so much, jennifer. really appreciate your kind words. our blog is a reflection of how Ahaan has changed our lives in his passing – life can truly be beautiful if you want it to. we all need to believe that. God is with us, in us, all the way – we are Him & He is us. there is so much oneness in all of us which, sadly, remains veiled…once again, thanks for your kind words…God bless & love always…

  9. Dear Anil,

    I am happy you could relate to my post. Good !

    So I thought, I just come around and have a look at your blog. I LOVE IT. This is just so beautiful. It comes from the heart and goes to the heart.

    I know your son is happy, as this is why he came into your life. I am crying whilst writing these words, I just so much know that “going home” and leaving the body here is not the end. Thank you for doing this wonderful work.

    Thanks for being.

    Much Love & Peace, hope to read you soon,

    Caroline / ecs73

    • Hi Caroline – I’m very touched by your words. Thank you. Yes, these words come straight from the heart & from Ahaan. Wish we could all just keep spreading love around – that’s all there is at the end of the day. Everything else is just transient – here today, gone tomorrow – but love is everlasting…Thanks again. God bless & lots of love always…Anil

  10. Good Morning Anil,

    I just read your comments. Danke, I can only return what you said.

    Today was very special. I had such a deep impression, such a deep understanding and finally “feel” of how we live a simple illusion, and that love is really all there is.
    We live a projection. This is why it is possible to get over what seem to be a “sad or horrible” situation. They seem sad but they are not desperate if we do not judge them as that.

    I knew all this, but something today happened.

    I also have my heart telling me since several days: there is just a war for your mind.

    Our mind can be captured in greed, distress, depression and so on.

    Our heart cannot. Love does not hurt, Love is.

    I am so happy to see each day more and more wonderful soul-beings like you, like so many others, as I believe that this is the change within which will bring this illusional veil we “thought” is our reality, to be lifted.

    I love what you write, a twinkle with my eye to Ahaan, and to you: thanks for having come to my blog and let me discover your words.

    They are up-lifting and my heart is full of joy and ready to start a new day, ready to share it.

    Much Love,

    • Caroline – what absolutely beautiful words. I wish you well always – that your heart always soars & remains full of love & joy. You have so much love to give – it’s a joy to see. You have touched upon so many truths – yes, there is a “war for our minds”; yes, love just is; yes,we need to lift the “illusional veil” that hangs over us…

      once again, thank you for this your words of love for Ahaan. God bless & lots of love to you always…


    • thank you so much – life really is what you make of it, isn’t it. always good if you want it to be – or, always miserable if you so choose it to be. keep smiling always :)…lots of lvoe

      • yes! i completely agree with u! life is definitely what you make out of it. If you take things positively an show a big smile,even the bad time would think twice before knocking you down! πŸ™‚

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  12. Hello there,

    You write wonderful poetry up here. Well done! πŸ™‚ Keep penning and keep inspiring! I am sure one day the door will open for you and that lots of readers will find your poetry both entertaining and interesting! πŸ™‚

    I have a joyful ride in your blog, and now I’d like to invite you to visit mine. Thank you and have a wonderful day, my friend! πŸ™‚

    Subhan Zein

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  14. Hello Anil

    I just wanted you to know I have nominated you for the sunshine award & one lovely blog award.
    I know you already have them, but I cant let you out from my list of nominations.

    Just wanted you to know! πŸ™‚


    • hey E,
      haven’t been able to blog over the past few days – been busy at work. wanted to write you a long mail about your post – blew our mind!!!!!
      absolutely humbled by the comments on your blog on the awards – Danke πŸ™‚
      more soon….
      lots of love,

      • Hellooooooooo Aniiiiiiiiil !

        Hahahaha I am in a playful childish mood as you see… I think it’s just me.

        Don’t thank me, we are all one, right ?

        Sending you and your family superverymuch love, always,

  15. Hey old fogey,

    How is it going ?

    Thought of you and the absolutely fabulous A-team.

    Sending you much love and loads of rock’n roll-consciousness-vibes πŸ™‚

    Much love,
    Cool Chick (semi-old-fogey hahahaha)

    • semi old fogey!! how’s it going? sorry not been around. but we always think of you πŸ™‚
      how’s it going with you? hope all is good. life is absolutely terrific!! πŸ™‚ will be back on the blog soooon..
      take care & lots of love always…

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  17. Dear Anil. Thank you for visiting my blog. So deeply saddened to hear about your irreplaceable and unimaginable loss. The Universe works in mysterious ways and there isn’t always an answer to our Why’s? I hope you find strength in prayer and meditation and in your beautiful soulful expressions on your blog.

    • Hi Yachna – our lives have been nothing short of miraculous. Our journey has been spectacular. So much opening up. So much getting clearer. Death means nothing in the journey of a soul. There is no sadness. Just elation & celebration. Ahaan has opened up the universe to us. That was / is his role & we are grateful to him. Just wish that all could see death for what it truly is – there’s no need for grief, no need for sorrow. It liberates like nothing else. It’s been almost 3 years now & life just keeps getting more & more filfilling…

      Really liked some of what I read on your blog. Look forward to more…

      God bless & lots of love,

      • I agree Anil. Reading the Bhagvad Gita helped dispel a lot of doubts and fears, but it was some very special spiritual experiences that allowed me to see the truth of life and life on earth for what it really is…..something no scripture could have helped me really understand

      • Unless it’s your own experiences, you’re never going to truly understand. Words are so limiting. Experiences are so awakening. Would love to hear about the experiences if you’d like to share them, that is. We feel true learning lies here not in books.
        Our lives are completely transformed – actually our thinking is. Or more correctly, our hearts are transformed. There’s no running. No chasing. A feeling of calm – even though sometimes situations still get to me and I react not in the ideal way πŸ™‚

      • Anil..it is hard to describe it properly but I have shared that experience in my article The Unstruck Sound. I basically experienced spiritual/God consciousness for 3 whole days. When you experience that, the earth looks and feels dead. The trees and living creature appeared fake, but I could sense a life force infused in them that kept them alive. I could feel that force pervading the entire sky and during that phase, earth came across as an illusion a dead and hollow land. I was on the outside observing earth and it’s activities.

      • I have shared that experience in my article – The Unstruck Sound. I have tried my best to explain it, but not sure if I have done a good job. Basically I experienced spiritual/God consciousness for 3 whole days. In that time, I could very clearly experience a powerful life force pervading the sky and all living creatures. It was this force I could feel infused in the trees around me keeping them alive. Without it they felt artificial, just like a fake plant you would buy from a craft store. I also felt a loving connection to all living creatures-plants, bugs, human beings. The world that we have created felt fake and hollow. I felt like I was on the outside, just observing. The most blissful experience ever. http://yachnayoga.wordpress.com/2011/06/27/the-unstruck-sound/

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  19. Life is tough…. My support to you in this cause. May God bless you and give you his inner strength.. Anyway I can help please talk to me… I would try to understand wat is life.

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