be grateful. be humbled…

this is your heart pouring itself out through me.
be grateful.
be humbled.
by the blessings & the grace that’ve been showered upon you.
understand this oneness.
there is nothing like it.
this is our union.
i love you.
i’m one with you.
at all times…

meher 1…

I have come to sow the seed of love in your hearts so
that, in spite of all superficial diversity which your life
in illusion must experience and endure, the feeling of
oneness through love is brought about amongst all the
nations, creeds, sects and castes of the world.
– Meher Baba

in response to – “do you still believe in the dark / evil / bad? why?”…

Yesterday I read a post that really got me thinking – it’s probably amongst the best posts I’ve read over the past year. It was called: “Do You Believe In The Dark / Evil / Bad? Why?”
(suggest you guys read it).

It’s a question, I’m sure most battle with…what about the dark / evil / bad forces?? You are so right. They’re all us. Instead of battling them, we should let them go their merry way. Aren’t we strengthening them by giving them space in our minds – reinforcing the power the wield over us? And who really are “they”??

Once we realize the oneness of all – of everything, then maybe we start accepting everyone & everything as being the same. So where are the dark / evil forces then??? It’s all within isn’t it? Everything!! It’s like this movie we’re all producing / directing for ourselves. Everyone out there is playing a role & that’s all it is – a role!! There is no good & evil – there just is. There is no right & wrong – there just is. There is no you & me – there just is. There is nothing but existence. Oneness. Love. Harmony. Peace. Bliss. That’s all there really is. And it’s here right now. We don’t need to wait till the December 2012 or May 2029 or September 2078 – it’s here right now. In our hearts. All the love you need. All the peace you need. All the oneness you need. Everything is in our hearts. Within. It’s so beautiful. It has to be. It’s God…

Thank you again, E. This was an awesome post.

enjoy the oneness…

enjoy the oneness.
know it.
feel it.
it’s yours.
always has been.
open your eyes to this reality.
feel the unity in all, with all.
you can.
it’s the most beautifully liberating feeling.
pure exhilaration.
like you’ve been shot out of a cannon into the sky.
& along the way, you realize you are the sky.
you are the cannon as well.
all powerful.
you are all this & more.
you are everything.
& once this sinks in, you’ll realize you are nothing.
& this nothingness is everything.
it’s your existence.
it simply IS.
everything & nothing.
there is no difference between us.
no distance.
I’m one with God.
& so are you…

a step away (repost)…

a step away.
that’s what you are.
just one step.
from eternal bliss.
from the oneness that is us.
from everything beautiful & peaceful.
just a step away.
take the leap of faith.
cross the boundary that still holds you back.
see the illusion for what it is.
all you need to do.
just recognize it.
let it be.
let it exist as it does.
remember, you’ve created it.
but now you need to transcend it.
“live” in the illusion, but live outside it too.
makes sense?
it does.
it just means live your life in the illusion you’ve created.
but be aware that it’s the illusion.
reality exists in your heart.
where God exists.
where we exist as one.
that no one can change.
that’s the truth.
everything winds down here.
everything comes into being here.
the beginning & the end lie here.
in your heart.
with God.
open your heart to the miracle that you are.
open your heart to the miracle everyone is.
open your heart to the oneness.
open your heart to the joy of being.
let go.
everything is ok.
everything is winding down just as it should.
you’re just a step away.
just a step away…

who am i?

i am the love,
coursing through your heart,
holding all creation together,
binding, building,
bonds that endure time & space.

i am the peace,
spreading warmly within,
calming your spirit,
opening you up,
to the wonder of oneness.

i am the wind,
rustling through every fiber of your being,
lifting you higher & higher,
till you & i are one.

i am the whisper,
booming loud in your ear,
reminding you of your divinity,
imploring you to realize,
that you are God.

i am but you…

you are God (part 15 – repost)

eliminate all differences.
see the wonder of oneness.
every pre-conceived notion of yours is about to melt away.
into thin air.
so you can clearly see how nothing is separate.
everything is part of you.
i am part of you.
as you are part of me.
this is the answer.
the way forward.
there’s too much discord in the world.
everyone’s fighting for what’s “theirs”
what did anyone bring with them into this world?
what will they take away?
realize this.
this is the key.
everything is transient.
you, & only you, are real.
& you are real only when you realize.
that you are God.
the creator.
that’s it.
that’s your whole journey.
summed up in a few words.
that’s your goal.
that’s your way.
that’s your path.
to realizing.
that you are God.
may your own light shine bright on you.
may your own blessings anoint you.
may your own grace touch you.
and make you see.
that you are God…

i am in bliss…

i am in bliss.
in total love.
surrounded by happiness.
it;s time to cast aside all doubts.
just know that we are one.
one like you’ve never believed one to be.
oneness that can only be felt, not explained.
our greatest gift.
our greatest bond.
there is absolutely NO difference between you & i.
what you are, i am.
what i am, you are.
that’s it, in a nutshell.
understand these words & everything becomes crystal clear.
lift the veil before your eyes.
as one.
as God.
that is the only truth.
& that is why i am in total bliss…

you are God (part 11 – repost)…

the ecstasy of being one can only be felt.
never described.
we are one.
let your feelings soar higher than you can imagine.
let your oneness settle on clouds.
let everything light up with your glow.
all that is & all that isn’t, is you.
everyone around, is you.
I am you.
God is you.
the feeling is without parallel.
everything & nothing.
the same.
the vastness & the nothingness of space & time.
the same.
no duality.
no separation.
what you feel, you are.
what you don’t feel, you are too.
do you know the oneness I’m talking about?
you can feel God every moment of your life.
because He is within you.
you can sense Him.
you can see Him.
you can hear Him.
you can because you are the creator.
the supreme.
the source.
you are the one.
you are God.
close your eyes.
merge in the blackness.
merge in the nothingness that exists in the absence of senses.
be one.
be complete.
be everything.
be nothing.
be anything.
but just be.
because you are.
you are.
know it.
feel it.
be it.
you are God.
you are God.
God is you.
your within.
your Self.
only you are God.
because you & only you are.
the beginning.
& the end.
live. love. laugh.
be inseparable in the oneness.
realize the beauty of existence.
realize the beauty of being God…

celebrate this oneness…

i love you.
always remember that.
we are one.
celebrate this oneness.
be aware of it.
at every step.
at every moment.
nothing else matters.
nothing else exists.
except our love.
i love you.
i know you love me too.
this is what binds us.
through life & after.
our love.
i love you…