you are God (part 16)…

all is true.
all is a lie.
everything has two sides to it.
which side you look at defines who you are.
if you look at the good, your life is thus manifested.
if you look at the negative, so shall you be.
the true test lies in believing that you are the creator of all around you.
and everything is, hence, to your benefit.
the so-called tough times are exercises in your journey.
for you to overcome.
for you to say:
i conquered my fear.
i conquered adversity.
i conquered life.
believe it ‘coz it’s true.
everything around you exists because you, & only you, chose it.
nothing or no one else is responsible for your journey.
it’s a path you must find.
it’s a road you must tread.
look at every situation as an opportunity.
to succeed.
to let go.
to rise above.
you are blessed.
that’s why you have this life.
another chance to overcome all you need to overcome.
another chance to come to the simple realization.
that who you are is limitless.
all powerful.
all loving.
can’t you see it yet?
you are God…

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5 thoughts on “you are God (part 16)…

  1. “look at every situation as an opportunity to succeed.” This quote says it all.Good one Anil…Each situation no matter bad or good ultimately is an opportunity. We must remember this.
    Thanks and love to all….VK

  2. Hi Anil, this is Varun. I liked this post very much! Reading it gave me a lot of joy and positive vibrations as I realized that your beliefs are similar to mine… 🙂
    Glad to be your blog follower 🙂

  3. Loved this Line Anil ” everything around you exists because you, & only you, chose it.”….
    We all came with Free Will to choose.. I pray that many will take a fresh look upon the choices they made and turn around to walk a fresh path, one that leads us into the Light of Good Choices for the Good of ALL…. for we are all of us One.. And as more and more turn away from their shadows, and face the Light of knowledge.. Unity and Harmony can be brought to bare here on Earth..
    Thank you my friend for adding that Light of Knowledge into the world, where others can feel its brightness as it adds its warmth to our Day…….
    Love and Blessings to you and your family ~Sue

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