let all pass…

let all pass.
it will.
it has to.
dwell in the peace you feel within.
dwell in the love you feel within.
it’s all there.
no one can take that away.
unless you let them.
& even that is only illusion.
you are what you are.
& you are love.
remember that always.
you are love.
you are one with me.
you are divine.
you are all things wonderful.
share this joy.
share this peace.
& share this love.
all will be good.
all IS good.
i love you…

2 thoughts on “let all pass…

  1. Hi Anil,

    This one really resonates. Yes, so much of what we perceive is coloured by our own selves and beliefs, they do go into the realm of illusions. In Hindu philosophy, we call it Maya…


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