all is blessed…

all is blessed.
everything around you.
everything within you.
divinely blessed.
rare is this.
appreciate it.
appreciate the love that envelopes you.
appreciate the peace that courses through you.
appreciate the compassion that blankets you.
blessed are you.
blessed are all.

let all pass…

let all pass.
it will.
it has to.
dwell in the peace you feel within.
dwell in the love you feel within.
it’s all there.
no one can take that away.
unless you let them.
& even that is only illusion.
you are what you are.
& you are love.
remember that always.
you are love.
you are one with me.
you are divine.
you are all things wonderful.
share this joy.
share this peace.
& share this love.
all will be good.
all IS good.
i love you…

flow more…(repost)

Flow like the river
over everything.
find your level,
like water finds it’s.
that is your true state,
from where you can go no further,
where you are at complete rest,
at complete peace.
find your level.
rid yourself of everything else,
only find your level.
and you’ll see that everyone’s river comes to rest at the same level,
that is God.

the journey is winding down…

the journey is winding down.
it is.
you are reaching a stage where not much affects you.
where not much astonishes you.
where your reactions are more measured.
more centered.
where your outlook towards life is gravitating to a more spiritual one.
that’s what this journey is all about.
connecting with your SELF.
& through your SELF, with God.
this is the realization that must dawn on each of us.
this is the realization that is most important.
SELF realization.
all that’s happening is leading you to this inevitable space.
let it happen.
give in.
surrender your SELF to this.
it will lead you to where it must.
to peace.
to love.
to harmony.
to God.


love & peace…

all that you see is real.
but then again, it’s not.
start discerning between real & illusion.
let only reality surround you.
& reality is being in love.
& being in peace.
everything else is illusion.
enjoy the illusion, but don’t get trapped in it.
it’s very alluring.
but recognize it for what it is.
it exists to check your faith & beliefs.
learn to keep it at arm’s length when you want to.
these are the little things that will hold you in good stead.
fill your lives with love & peace.
all that means is to let love & peace appear from your within.
where they reside always.
let love & peace come forth & surround you.
& everyone around you.
in my heart.
in your heart.
that’s all that matters.
love & peace…