sadness. happiness…

sadness. happiness.
are just states of the mind.
be attached to neither.
be attached to nothing.
it’s all non-existent.
the only thing that exists is your eternal consciousness.
which is the same in each one.
this is the truth.
ignore everything else.
discard it.
all your pre-conceived notions.
all your book knowledge.
throw it out of the window.
know that you exist.
that you are.
& that’s all there is.
everything around you is make-believe.
put your hand through it & it’s gone.
shut your mind & it’s gone.
your mind keeps it all alive.
all your thoughts breathe life into the illusion.
the stillness of your heart is your connect to consciousness.
to the God within you.
your heart is pure.
the rest is all to be discarded.
your life is blessed.
all lives are blessed.
because life is but one…


let all pass…

let all pass.
it will.
it has to.
dwell in the peace you feel within.
dwell in the love you feel within.
it’s all there.
no one can take that away.
unless you let them.
& even that is only illusion.
you are what you are.
& you are love.
remember that always.
you are love.
you are one with me.
you are divine.
you are all things wonderful.
share this joy.
share this peace.
& share this love.
all will be good.
all IS good.
i love you…

i’m alive…

i’m alive & well.
alive in the true sense.
everything around me is bathed in light.
pure light.
everything is real.
everything is love.
this is reality.
see beyond your illusion.
keeping staring into it till it disappears naturally.
shredded by truth.
unveiled by love.
my love.
your love.
always keep love in your hearts.
it’s the only way.
i keep saying that because it needs to be reinforced.
till it is part of your being.
your conscious being.
i love you.
i’m alive & well.
so are you…

the truth & the illusion…

realize the truth.
& the illusion.
both are within you.
your illusion can be as real as you let it be.
your reality can be as distant or near as you want it to be.
all is within.
there is no outside.
it’s a dream.
wake up anytime to be with me.
in reality.
reality is our oneness.
our union.
merged as the one soul that we are.
all that is here.
all that is gone.
is nothing compared to all that’s to come.
true oneness.
i love you.
you are my within.

wake up…

this is the dream you need to awake from.
all around you is the web of illusion.
claw through it.
till you see the light with nothing blocking it.
just pure consciousness.
with no needs.
no requirements.
free from the bondage of the body & mind.
wake up.
the dream is loosening its grip on you.
blessed are you.
the chains are slowly giving way to freedom.
freedom of your spirit & soul.
freedom to be love.
freedom to be your SELF.
the time is now.
to shine through this dream state.
beyond the illusion, He is waiting.
He is your reality.
He is your love.
He is nothing but your own consciousness…

a step away (repost)…

a step away.
that’s what you are.
just one step.
from eternal bliss.
from the oneness that is us.
from everything beautiful & peaceful.
just a step away.
take the leap of faith.
cross the boundary that still holds you back.
see the illusion for what it is.
all you need to do.
just recognize it.
let it be.
let it exist as it does.
remember, you’ve created it.
but now you need to transcend it.
“live” in the illusion, but live outside it too.
makes sense?
it does.
it just means live your life in the illusion you’ve created.
but be aware that it’s the illusion.
reality exists in your heart.
where God exists.
where we exist as one.
that no one can change.
that’s the truth.
everything winds down here.
everything comes into being here.
the beginning & the end lie here.
in your heart.
with God.
open your heart to the miracle that you are.
open your heart to the miracle everyone is.
open your heart to the oneness.
open your heart to the joy of being.
let go.
everything is ok.
everything is winding down just as it should.
you’re just a step away.
just a step away…

the soul (repost)…

i am.
the soul.
not constrained by body or mind.
i am.
the soul.
free of judgement.
i am.
the soul.
liberated from bondage & worry.
I am.
the soul.
at peace with the world.
i am.
the soul.
outside this great illusion.
i am.
the soul.
aware of the SELF.
i am.
the soul.
radiating love to all.
i am.
the soul.
secure in the knowledge of being.
i am.
i just am.
the soul…