the journey is winding down…

the journey is winding down.
it is.
you are reaching a stage where not much affects you.
where not much astonishes you.
where your reactions are more measured.
more centered.
where your outlook towards life is gravitating to a more spiritual one.
that’s what this journey is all about.
connecting with your SELF.
& through your SELF, with God.
this is the realization that must dawn on each of us.
this is the realization that is most important.
SELF realization.
all that’s happening is leading you to this inevitable space.
let it happen.
give in.
surrender your SELF to this.
it will lead you to where it must.
to peace.
to love.
to harmony.
to God.


1 thought on “the journey is winding down…

  1. Yep…It feels as if the lid is fixing to blow off the bottle right now. We have now made it into the bottle neck getting ready to be forced quickly upwards and out into freedom. It has arrived, time to gather our wits and be ready for the mass ejection into our new life. Thanks Anil….VK:)

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