you are God (part 14)…

oneness is in the perception.
it’s all there is.
just perceive all as one.
& see it magically manifest itself.
true oneness can exist.
if you let it.
all the power is in your hands & your hands alone.
it’s your creation after all.
whatever you want.
whatever you wish for.
is what will be.
so wish well, my darlings.
this world is the greatest illusion.
don’t look at your experiences as good or bad.
instead, look at them as necessary.
necessary for you spiritual growth.
necessary for your evolution.
you are the highest of the high.
but you need to realize the awesome power you possess.
you can move mountains if you so desire.
you can change the direction of the winds if you so choose.
you are omnipotent.
you are omniscient.
realize this.
the world is a mirage through which you must gracefully break away.
& see yourself for what you truly are.
in all your splendor.
see yourself.
as supreme.
the creator.
the source.
capable of anything.
believe this.
live this.
acknowledge this.
realize this.
this is your goal.
this is your true journey.
unlocking the truth.
feel the liberating euphoria.
in complete awareness.
that you are God.
just as I am.
just as she is.
just as he is.
all one.
the same existence.
the same truth.

5 thoughts on “you are God (part 14)…

  1. Mornin’ Anil…Thank you for this. As things speed up now it is important to remember the basics. That we are all one and that we too are God. I think the boat ride is about to get a bit rocky and it will be important for all to remember these things. Blessings to you all……VK:)

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