no place like your within…

there’s no place like your within.
no place at all.
without want.
without need.
without fear.
without any senses.
a place where everything just is.
in perfect balance.
in perfect harmony.
it’s the one place that truly exists.
be there.
at all times.
even when you are on the outside.
let the outside, the illusion, not affect the inside, the reality.
can you find this space for your SELF.
do it.
your own consciousness.
be in it.
be in it.
be in his thoughts.
be in His grace.
be in His love.
there’s no place like your within…

6 thoughts on “no place like your within…

  1. Beautiful.

    Thank You Ahaan.
    Thank You Anil.
    Thank You Aarti.

    The Wonderful A-Team shares love and light with us 😉

    So much Love from rainy Paris,

  2. ” To be in or not to be in, there is no question!” Yes you are so right Anil…God bless our within. A safe haven that is always there for us. Thanks for your great words A and A……VK 🙂

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