we are the same…

what you experience is real.
we are one.
all of us.
welcome to our world.
welcome to your world.
where all is one.
and one is all.
where nothing exists but love.
& you.
& me.
as one.
you are evolving into higher beings.
but handle the responsibility carefully.
this is most important.
be silent.
be calm.
amid the fiercest storm.
that is oneness.
knowing that you are also the storm.
so how can it affect you.
think about it.
see me in you.
see you in me.
we are the same.

8 thoughts on “we are the same…

  1. Hi Anil,
    As we welcome each other to our worlds, which is the real one? This I guess remains the core aspect which can affect us. For how many of us truly believe that we are ONE, enmeshed as we remain in our petty perceptions and fears.



    • That my friend is our biggest challenge. Those who can rise to it are always going to be the better for it. And those who don’t will keep getting opportunities.

      Take care Anil

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. I think the thought of oneness is still more a state of words than our being able to fully grasp the true meaning of being one. We have lived lives of duality forever and so adopting oneness is a huge stretch of our imagination on many levels. We get it but how much do we REALLY get yet?

  3. Our individual oneness begins with God, and if that is so, then we share a oneness with all who share a onenss with Him, all part of the same living tree until a time deemed by Him! Paul killed, and persecuted all the Christians he could and then Christ asked him why do you persecute me…(me, the one’s who were one with the lord) on the road to Damsacus, Paul asked Him, who are you! and the Lord answered, i am Jesus whom you persecute! Now Paul did not persecute Christ, in his mind, because he had not become one with the Lord! Then Lord sent a blinded Saul to the home of Judas and Paul waited there. The lord then talked to one, who was one with His spirit and sent him to heal Pauls eyes, one of the same ones He was persecuting! And Paul now became one with the Lord, and lived His life sharing the love of the Lord until His death and his words still have life. We are all one, if we humble our spirits before the Lord!, Our eye may see differently making maybe neither side wrong or right…but sometimes choices are made by individuals, i see and know that we are one from my relationship with God! I will share a poem that i wrote about the Oneness of between Him, my wife and I’; No argument is intended! Beautiful Poem Anil!

    The Oneness of Love

    When I write of you,
    and my love for you,
    I also write of God.

    For I know He loves me,
    through the love
    you give to me each day.

    Through you I feel the
    warmth and tenderness
    of heaven and it is so real.

    With you I feel His touch,
    when you touch me
    with your hands.

    And when I hold you,
    I know that God holds
    me so very near also.

    And the times I hear your
    voice, it reminds me of
    the quiet times when
    when God speaks to me
    through His word.

    For when I think of God
    I see your love, and when
    I think of you, I see His love.

    And it shows me that
    our love is so blessed,
    and so very complete…
    when we are equally one.

    Wendell A. Brown
    © 2010, All Rights Reserved.

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