cast off your outer skin…

cast off your outer skin.
be who you truly are.
shining in divine light.
radiating love & harmony.
this is your true self.
away from the mask of illusion.
every moment.
like you are not in the illusion.
unaffected by it.
this is the only way…

2 thoughts on “cast off your outer skin…

  1. Anil this is yet another timely reminder for us all to not get caught up within our outer world or opinions. But to look and seek within.
    Thank you
    I trust you and your family are well.
    Sue 🙂

    • Hi Sue. It’s been a while since I blogged. It’s all just gushing out today :). We’re all doing well. And I trust you are too.
      I just want to let you know that our hearts are filled with love – bursting with love for you guys. Thanks for being in our lives…

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