the time has come…

the time has come.
the stairway to heaven lies open to you.
take your first steps up.
enjoy the beauty that surrounds you during this ascendency.
it’s universal oneness.
every step you climb, is a step closer to your goal.
to your realization that love & oneness are all there is.
soon you’ll be standing in front of Him.
& you’ll recognize your own soul within Him.
these are the beautiful secrets that will be revealed.
keep your heart open on the journey.
that’s all.
leave the rest to Him.
to your own within.
accept all that comes your way.
& do what your heart dictates.
nothing else is important.
live through your heart.
your heart is Him.
He is guiding you home.
to His love.
to His bliss.
soon it will all be done & dusted.
you will be Him.

8 thoughts on “the time has come…

  1. I’ll run up the steps, just show me the steps…Things are dragging out again Anil. I am just so ready to be done with everything. I know, patience is a virtue. I’m trying…Thanks for this latest bit of writing. As always it’s right on! Happy weekending to you all…..VK

    • strangely the steps are inward. VK – we’re all waiting…but trust me, you’ll be among the first to fly up the stairs :0 – that’s a given!!! God bless & lots of love always, VK….

  2. My heart is open Anil and I Trust in that faith of love that we are all meant to be exactly where we are meant to be.
    As I await to continue the journey ever upward climbing step by step. With open hearted love.

    I hope you and your family Anil have a Peaceful weekend – love and Peace – Sue x

  3. Helloooo and Much Love to the fab’ A-Team !
    Ahaan’s words, or your words are messages for me, for all of us.
    I am back close to the train station. Heading back to Paris in one hour… So I am sending you and your family last greetings from the South of France 🙂
    Love & Peace, always,

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