be the best you can be…

life turns around on a dime.
so live it well.
be the best you can be.
to your full potential.
leave nothing for tomorrow.
if something is important – do it.
don’t procrastinate.
that way you’ll have no regrets.
as you never should.
life is a gift.
enjoy it.
do your bit.
learn your lessons.
spread joy.
spread love.
return to your true home.
to God.
it really is so simple.
don’t get involved in things.
they’re illusory.
only your SELF is permanent.
concentrate on that.
improve that.
be the best you can be.
and give thanks.
to God.

1 thought on “be the best you can be…

  1. Right on!!! It seems doing our best, for so many, is either a thing of the past or of little importantance. It is why America has a huge self esteem issue. Time to clean up our act. Thanks and may God help you all through this day and replace your emptiness with love….. VK

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