ahaan – the star of the show…


the beautiful me…
– by ahaan raheja

i am so unique
i believe in myself and everyone else
i am kind and loving to others
and help all my friends like my brothers
truthfulness is my strength
faith in God is my foundation


i don’t know what else to say…ahaan has captured everything in these lines. where does he get it from? such depth of thinking, such beauty in expression.

why can’t we all see ourselves for what we are? ‘unique’.

we’re caught in the endless race to be someone we’re really not. our lives, to a large extent, are dictated by what others will think of us. why?

if we can spend a little time each day connecting with our self, we’ll find a hundred wonderful things about ourselves – things that we’re not even aware of, perhaps. we’ve all been given gifts – i know it sounds cliched but the fact remains that we’re all God’s children – do you give one of your children more or less than the other? can you truly tell one of children you love him or her more or less than the other. you can’t!! it’s the same for God.

Ahaan has captured it so beautifully:
i believe in myself & others – no distinctions.
faith in God is my foundation – realize this & you’re eternally happy – in the arms of your loving parent…

i am love…

this world is full of love.
full of hope.
full of all the wonderful things that make life worth living.
we just have to find it.
our path is that of discovery.
discovery of ourselves.
realization of ourselves.
who we truly are.
souls full of love.
one with each other.
with no differences.
this is our journey.
our true journey.
finding our way back home.
enjoy the ride.
you’ll come across all sorts.
but remember they are just the same as you are.
keep judgement at the door.
only let love come through.
the one thing with the power to change the world.
when love exists there is no room for anything else.
there is no need for anything else.
it’s complete.
it’s true.
it’s all you need.
that’s what we all need to bring to the table.
that’s our currency.
that’s our religion.
that’s our truth.
that’s our goal.
we can all start by loving ourselves.
love yourself first.
after that it takes no effort to love others.
self-love is the hardest.
try it.
look in the mirror & say “I love you”.
& truly mean it.
if you can do this, you can love anyone & everyone.
& life will be beautiful.
the way it’s meant to be.
full of love.
full of joy.
full of smiles.
love yourself & you’ve achieved love for all.