your divinity…

don’t doubt your divinity.
embrace it.
embrace the fact that you are one.
embrace this feeling of love that blankets you.
embrace the goodness that is your being.
embrace the perfection you radiate.
embrace the fact that you are.
you are.
& nothing more.
everything else pales.
everything else falls by the wayside.
just remember that you are separate from the illusion that you find yourself in.
the illusion is an essential step.
an essential learning.
just be.
be in happiness.
be in love.
be in joy.
be in bliss.
be in the knowledge that you are one.
be in the knowledge that you are divine.
realize that.
no greater truth exists.
only you.
only God.
only one.
only ONE.
we are like a splintered whole.
waiting to join again.
all of mankind stems from the same source.
a single energy.
we are all that energy.
all the same.
nothing makes us different.
only perception.
embrace the oneness.
embrace your divinity.