the power of choice (repost)…

the power of choice.
your greatest gift.
choose your state of mind.
choose your existence.
choose your creation.
choose everything.
it’s your greatest gift.
choose well.
your life boils down to your choices.
you can choose to be happy in the most trying circumstances.
or, you can choose to be miserable in the most comfortable circumstances.
it’s your choice to make.
your present lifetime is spent based on these choices.
then choose well.
choose to be happy.
choose to laugh.
choose to pursue wisdom.
choose warmth.
choose to have faith.
choose to believe.
that all is as it should be.
chosen by you.
and no one else…

love binds us…

love binds us.
it’s our greatest blessing.
it’s our guiding light.
spread the warmth that you feel within.
be a beacon.
a shining example to those wilting under the burden of their illusions.
lift the veil that stops you.
let the light enter.
the light that dissipates your illusion.
see the universe within your heart.
see God within your heart.
& spread the love.
that binds us all.

the tunnel…

life is a tunnel.
with consciousness at the end.
try building that consciousness while living.
break away the bricks of the tunnel.
let the light in during the lifetime.
once all the bricks are gone your lifetime will be eternal consciousness.
eternal light.
merge the gap between your lifetime & consciousness or awareness.
that’s being realized.
knowing that living this life is an extension of your eternal state of consciousness.
just a phase.
you have the potential to achieve this.
it’s happening.
the bricks are vanishing.
the light is seeping through.
flooding the inside with love, warmth & energy.
absorb this light.
it’s you.
the true you.
the true me.
the true ONE.
all else is false.
chip away at the tunnel.
let the light in…


be open…

recognize your soul as your self.
it’s not that hard.
be open.
to all around you.
every breeze that blows carries a message.
every thing you see shows you a sign.
it’s all built in.
be open.
the more open you are, the more prominent the signs & messages.
you are the soul.
with no religion.
you are the soul.
with no country.
you are the soul with just a consciousness.
& a moral duty to spread warmth & love.
where it’s most required.
hear the voice of your heart.
the voice of your own consciousness.
imploring you to act.
be the love you want to receive.
be the laughter you wish to hear.
be the peace you wish to feel.
it’s all within.
be open.
to your inner voice.
to your heartbeat.
to your self.
be open…

love like you should…

you are the creator.
of all around you.
everything has come from you.
& will dissolve into you.
let the lamp of your creation be lit by the flame of love.
then, light the consciousness of others with this same love.
so that the whole world sparkles with love.
& this love spreads even to the skies.
no one can be without it if each of us spreads this light of love.
ensuring that the whole world is as it was intended to be.
glowing in the warmth of this love.
God loves you.
He is lighting your consciousness with the flame of His love.
God loves you.
as He knows you love Him too.
but, if we are one, aren’t all deserving of the same love that you show God?
that is the awakening of consciousness.
pure, unbridled love.
engulfing humanity.
so we may exist as one.
the way we were meant to.
think of all as you.
love yourself.
& you will change the hardest hearts.
from hatred to love.
that’s part of your role.
to love like you should.
spread this love.
to the furthest, most remote corners of peoples’ hearts.
so that we all beat in love, together.
God loves you in that way.
can you love like that?
ask yourself.
God knows you can.
go on.
love like God loves.
love like you should…