inner voice…

close your eyes.
can you see me?
in your heartbeat.
can you feel me?
shut out all sound.
can you hear me?
i am your inner voice.
your unerring guide.
the expression of your soul.
standing by you.
i am your inner voice.
tied down.
i am your inner voice.
unchain me.
unshackle me.
let me breathe free.
let me guide.
i speak to you.
i speak the truth.
celebrate my presence.
i am your inner voice.
i am God.


flow like the river,
over good terrain & bad.
it’s the same.
you are the water, not the land,
understand that.
the land can change the way you flow,
but it cannot change your nature of flowing.
understand this truth.
you will always remain the water,
and no matter where the water comes from,
it will always merge with the ocean
with GOD…


true oneness.
taste it just once.
then nothing can stop you from achieving it.
it’ll drive you until you do.
it’s like tasting the truth.
then everything else is a lie.
you are one.
so is everyone.
all of us.
oneness is your natural state.
your true beginning.
your true end.
everything in between is digression.
don’t digress any more.
your goal is to feel one.
to be one.
nothing can stop your eternal union.
your divine union.
always live with that thought.
always live with that knowledge.
always live with that truth.
we are one.
oneness is your natural state…

you are God (part 6)…

you’ve come far.
a little more to go.
there’s limitless potential.
you’re beginning to see that.
keep it going.
life falls into place.
in perfect balance.
questions vanish.
when acceptance is complete.
when every situation is looked at as necessary.
when every situation is looked at as an opportunity.
to learn.
to grow.
to strengthen.
this is how to tackle life.
head on.
nothing can stop you.
only your awareness of your physical limitations.
but they are not real.
you are limitless.
you are divine.
you are unending.
you are forever.
you are one.
you are all powerful.
you are the creator of your own path.
you are God.
remember that.
there’s no greater truth.
accept that.
have faith.
that you are.
i am.
he is.
she is.
we all are.
realize this.
then we are one.
then we are done.

you are God (part 1)…

realize the truth.
the truth is infinite.
as are you.
always infinite.
always seeking.
always wanting to expand.
till you realize that you already are everything.
everything & nothing.
it’s all within you.
the knowledge is seeping through.
finding a way into your consciousness.
you are what you think you are.
always aspire to think that you are God.
not in the ordinary sense.
but without ego.
you have created all that’s around you.
you have created the life that you find yourself in.
and you will create the way out.
you will keep creating.
till you reach the stage of realizing that you don’t need to create at all.
you just are.
you just are.
that state of being is where you need to be.
all the creating you do, is leading you to the state of not needing to create at all.
but only to be.
that is being God.
then you can say.
I am God.
I am God.
I have conquered.
I have seen.
I have experienced.
all that is happening to you right now, is leading you to this state.
everything around you will become inconsequential.
only what’s within, will hold any value.
concentrate on that.
your within.
it’s your temple.
where YOU reside.
it’s where everything ceases to be everything.
but begins to just be.
all that is around, is from within you.
all you need to do is find a way back in.
to your SELF.
where the external ends.
where you are who you really are.
we are all one.
we are all of God.
we are from God.
we are all God.
a truth most find hard to fathom.
but, it is the only essential truth.
the only thing worth knowing.
it’s time to return home.
as an enlightened soul.
secure in the knowledge that you are.
that we all just are.
nothing more.
nothing less.
remember there are NO differences.
we are all together.
we are all one.
one God.
that’s what it really means.
there is just one.