surrender (repost)…

all is well.
trust and it is.
everything is smooth.
well-oiled machinery.
unfolding to a plan.
maybe not apparent to us.
but, ironically, chosen by us.
our SELF.
for the choices we’ve made.
however hard.
our lives are a result of these choices.
we’ve chosen well.
with a purpose.
remember that.
have faith in that.
and everything falls into place.
we’ll see things in the right perspective.
that’s what surrender is.
we surrender to our SELF.
to our choices.
made in full & true consciousness.
have faith.
all is well…


breathe in the freedom you crave.
breathe in the liberation you desire.
breathe in the surrender you feel.
breathe in the joy that tickles you pink.
breathe in the oneness you strive for.
breathe in the knowledge of your divinity.
breathe in the faith that sustains you.
breathe in the conviction that you are the soul.