as you think, so shall you be…(re-post)

everything exists within you.
the universe.
the energy.
all of creation.
it’s all within.
for you to tap.
to let out.
all the dichotomies.
all the paradoxes.
everything sane & insane.
is within you.
you are capable of everything.
and nothing.
as you think, so shall you be.
so think well.
think love.
think peace.
think oneness.
and you shall be it.
this is a beautiful journey we’re on.
surrender to it.
trust it.
let nothing hamper you.
your growth is in your hands & your hands alone.
no one has the power to supersede your thoughts.
as you think, so shall you be.
the power of the universe in in you.
it’s limitless.
test it.
it’s wondrous once you realize it.
the awesome power that each one of us wields.
it’s unfathomable.
it’s true.
all that you want is provided.
by you.
those who don’t have or are lacking, do so ‘coz they’ve kept it from themselves.
they lack conviction of their power.
their ability to create.
there’s nothing like luck.
it’s just tapping your own energy source.
learn to do that and you’ll see how easy it is to go through life.
it’s not a gift for a select few.
it’s universal.
all of us are one.
one creation.
one energy.
life is good.
accept the grace.
be thankful.
God appreciates all you do.
live it up.
laugh often & loud.
spread cheer.
spread love.
spread laughter.
spread light.
try to make this a better place.
for all of us.
and for all to come…