this is true…

this is true.
you are blessed.
you are showered with grace.
all you want.
all you need.
is provided within you.
by you.
realize this.
everything you require is within.
all the knowledge.
all the bliss.
all the love.
is in your own SELF.
reach that reservoir of love.
& drown in it.
open the doors to your bliss.
& bask in it.
unlock the treasure of knowledge.
& revel in it.
this is your destiny.
your true SELF.
your reflection of God.
do you understand the depths of these words?
can you fathom your own SELF worth?
are you capable of living your life with this realization?
it comes with great responsibility.
it comes with a sacred promise.
to always be on this path.
to always be compassionate.
to spread the love & light you’ve discovered.
to make others discover this too.
those who are ready will come to you.
drawn by the aura that surrounds you.
drawn by the voice of their own souls.
they will recognize the kinship & oneness they feel with you.
your doors must remain forever open.
for all.
are you ready for this responsibility?
He knows you are.
but you must know it too.
it’s time for the cross-over.
leave your worries & doubts at the door.
there is no place for those.
where you are entering, you require nothing.
just an openness of your consciousness.
& love in your heart.
the love He feels for all.
the love He feels for you.
He’s waiting to welcome you into the realm of deep consciousness.
of love & respect.
of joy & compassion.
He’s waiting to welcome you home.
where you will stay as one with Him.
unlock the doors & step in.
He awaits your arrival.
He awaits your spiritual awakening.
He is one with you.
this is true…