you are God (part 7)…

listen carefully.
the universe is your consciousness.
ever expanding.
the oceans are filled with your love.
everything around you is within you.
your creation.
you are the divine.
you are the pure.
you are the heart & soul.
you are everything.
& everything is you.
start believing.
that the sun rises because you want it to.
the stars are where they are because you put them there.
start believing in your own divinity.
start believing that your entire life is your creation.
you’ve taken on your own joys & sorrows.
you’ve taken on your own family & friends.
every last detail of your life has been created by you.
you’ve manifested your existence in this illusion.
this illusion is your stage.
to act.
to experience.
to live through your own will.
& then come to the realization that you, & you alone, are God.
everyone around you is your own reflection.
created in different forms.
playing a different role.
scripted by you.
to enable you to go within & seek your answers.
to enable you to go within & realize.
that if it weren’t for you, the world around you wouldn’t exist.
it’s only you that has created this.
it’s only you that has to make sense of it.
look hard.
see the answers staring you in the face.
recognize the signs.
read between the lines.
they’re all screaming out one thing, and one thing alone.
you are God.
you are God.
there’s so much love.
drown in it.
there’s so much happiness.
bask in it.
life is so beautiful for one reason & one reason alone.
you have created it.
it’s perfect.
‘coz you’re perfect.
you’re perfect.
‘coz you’re God.
it’s time to start believing.
it’s time to step up.
know it.
feel it.
be it.
you are God…