you are God (part 5 – repost)

all that is happening.
let it.
all that is changing.
let it.
let your life flow.
like the meandering river.
carrying water to all.
giving off itself without expectation.
only being replenished by the rain from the skies.
that’s all that keeps it flowing.
similarly for you – all you need to keep flowing is God’s grace.
trust you will receive it.
trust it will be sent when required.
trust you can will it at any moment.
trust you can create it.
trust you are God.
the provider.
the doer.
the all.
you are God.
always have been.
always will be.
there are no hurdles.
except the ones you create.
from the ignorance that you are limited.
by the mind & body.
nothing is further from the truth.
open yourself to the truth.
open yourself to your own divinity.
& that to the divinity of all.
see it.
feel it.
it’s all around.
in all creation.
you are God.
can’t you see it after all this time?
everything you’ve really, truly, selflessly desired has manifested itself.
it has to.
you have created it.
& you are God.
live it.
realize it.
we are one.
worry not about anything.
believe that we are in complete divine union.
no distance, no form, no power can separate us.
‘coz we are one.
spread the message of love.
the message of peace & hope.
to all that will listen.
& they will spread it ahead.
till the entire earth resonates with these thoughts.
& all is cleansed.
& all is love.
dream of such a world.
create it.
do it.
‘coz you can.
‘coz you are God!!
be humbled by the power you possess.