you & i… (repost)

two hearts beating as one.
forever merged.
in each other’s consciousness.
one again.
at last.
you & i.
every pore the same.
every thought alike.
every breath taken in unison.
one again.
at last.
you & i.
laughing uncontrollably.
in complete ecstasy.
free of duality.
one again.
at last.
you & i…

you are God (part 9)…

let go.
every desire.
every wish.
every thought.
every word.
let it all go.
it gives birth to duality.
stops you from being who you are.
remember, no thought, word or action has any meaning
when you realize you are God.
no one exists.
yet every ONE does.
& that every ONE is you.
believe this.
let go of the duality that plagues mankind.
let it be Godkind.
where nothing exists but God.
nothing exists but you.
you, the creator.
you, the ONE.
you, the everything.
you, the nothing.
rivers & oceans.
everything is from you.
life is you.
death is you.
everything merges into you.
everything emerges from you.
believe this.
you are ONE.
everything around you is your creation.
just so you can experience.
nothing more.
nothing less.
you can snap out of it anytime you want.
open your eyes to your true self.
to your true divinity.
be free from this cycle of life & death.
be free from every sense.
every emotion.
every act.
every thought.
just be.
the way you truly are.
into your own consciousness.
into your own being.
the limitless one.
devoid of all.
yet made up of all.
the classic oxymoron.
everything & nothing.
that’s what you are.
allow yourself to see this.
to experience this.
dwell on it.
breathe it in.
let it take over every last pore of your body & mind.
then let it go.
set it free.
set yourself free.
be who you truly are.
the one.
the only.