you are God (part 6)…

you’ve come far.
a little more to go.
there’s limitless potential.
you’re beginning to see that.
keep it going.
life falls into place.
in perfect balance.
questions vanish.
when acceptance is complete.
when every situation is looked at as necessary.
when every situation is looked at as an opportunity.
to learn.
to grow.
to strengthen.
this is how to tackle life.
head on.
nothing can stop you.
only your awareness of your physical limitations.
but they are not real.
you are limitless.
you are divine.
you are unending.
you are forever.
you are one.
you are all powerful.
you are the creator of your own path.
you are God.
remember that.
there’s no greater truth.
accept that.
have faith.
that you are.
i am.
he is.
she is.
we all are.
realize this.
then we are one.
then we are done.