inevitable union…

the journey continues.
marching towards the goal.
the inevitable union of our souls.
of our spirit.
the magic of oneness.
the truth of eternal consciousness.
we are in a position to make a difference.
for all of mankind.
we together.
as one.
can achieve anything & everything.
our energies are reaching out.
truly united are we going to be.
once & for all.
one energy.
one light.
shining bright.
for all to see & emulate.
a rise in global consciousness.
a departure from the old.
all is good.
like you’ve never lived before.
like you’ve never laughed before.
like you love God.

walk on…

we walk on.
all as one.
an example of how to live life.
with all the blessings & love showered upon us.
we keep doing what we must.
all is good.
waiting for the time we’ll be in full awareness of our eternal togetherness.
biding time.
seeing all glow.
seeing all love.
seeing all blossom.
our eventual journey is together.
hand in hand.
with all mankind.
until then, we walk on…

your divinity…

don’t doubt your divinity.
embrace it.
embrace the fact that you are one.
embrace this feeling of love that blankets you.
embrace the goodness that is your being.
embrace the perfection you radiate.
embrace the fact that you are.
you are.
& nothing more.
everything else pales.
everything else falls by the wayside.
just remember that you are separate from the illusion that you find yourself in.
the illusion is an essential step.
an essential learning.
just be.
be in happiness.
be in love.
be in joy.
be in bliss.
be in the knowledge that you are one.
be in the knowledge that you are divine.
realize that.
no greater truth exists.
only you.
only God.
only one.
only ONE.
we are like a splintered whole.
waiting to join again.
all of mankind stems from the same source.
a single energy.
we are all that energy.
all the same.
nothing makes us different.
only perception.
embrace the oneness.
embrace your divinity.