trust your heart…

trust your heart.
it’s the truth.
and let the truth flow out from this source.
it’s your well.
your wealth.
this is where we are united.
one forever.
in your heart.
your source.
my source.
the source of all truth.
make your heart your guiding light.
your guiding force.
nothing can stop you from knowing the truth.
& from staying in the truth at all times.
trust your heart…


you taught us (repost)…

you taught us.
how to love.
without expectation.
how to let love flow.
from within.
to all around.
how to light up the darkest mood.
with a delightful smile.
full of warmth.
of love.

you taught us.
how to forgive.
no matter how grave the circumstance.
to let someone else also sleep.
the sleep of a child.
knowing he is forgiven.
for everything.

you taught us how to laugh.
even when the world turned nasty.
because joy resides within.
because your heart is pure.
because God laughs with you.

you taught us how to live.
for the moment.
because it never comes by again.
this moment.
every moment.
it may be your last.
live it.
to the maximum.

you taught us how to give.
without wanting in return.
even your last piece of chocolate.
just for the sheer joy of giving.
to see happiness.
on another’s face.
knowing you are blessed by God.
in his heart.
because you learnt how to give.
like Him.

you taught us how to be alive.
even in your going.
with a smile on your face.
as your body lay.
we knew what you were saying.
through even this.
that is living.
so we did.
like you.

we love you.
thank you .
for being in our lives.
in such a beautiful way.
guiding us.
teaching us.
leading us.
to you.
together again.
we will be…

all is beautiful…

all is beautiful.
just perfect.
think of it no other way.
this is the life we all chose.
these are the experiences we all needed.
we’ve conquered all.
now is the time for love.
all your actions & thoughts have to stem from love in your heart.
open it up.
for all.
let your love drown you first.
& then let it drown all.
love is the answer.
love is the truth.
love is the way.
love is.
i’m in love.
your love.
my love.
God’s love.

our love is the truth…

i love you.
know that.
our love is the truth.
our love is everlasting.
through eons.
through generations.
through all time.
our love is beautiful.
our love is pure.
our love is truth.
our love is God.
i love you always.
know that.
it’s the only truth.
i love you.
i’m with you.
i’m within you.
i’m love.
i’m truth.
i’m God.

lost in silence…

i’m lost in silence.
swimming in the ocean of love.
what a beautiful existence.
this is it!!
there’s only love.
whichever way you look.
whichever way you go.
love is inescapable.
allow it to engulf you.
wash over you.
like a strong current.
let go.
let it take you.
carry you to the ocean of love.
so we can be together there.
i love you…

love like you should (repost)…

you are the creator.
of all around you.
everything has come from you.
& will dissolve into you.
let the lamp of your creation be lit by the flame of love.
then, light the consciousness of others with this same love.
so that the whole world sparkles with love.
& this love spreads even to the skies.
no one can be without it if each of us spreads this light of love.
ensuring that the whole world is as it was intended to be.
glowing in the warmth of this love.
God loves you.
He is lighting your consciousness with the flame of His love.
God loves you.
as He knows you love Him too.
but, if we are one, aren’t all deserving of the same love that you show God?
that is the awakening of consciousness.
pure, unbridled love.
engulfing humanity.
so we may exist as one.
the way we were meant to.
think of all as you.
love yourself.
& you will change the hardest hearts.
from hatred to love.
that’s part of your role.
to love like you should.
spread this love.
to the furthest, most remote corners of peoples’ hearts.
so that we all beat in love, together.
God loves you in that way.
can you love like that?
ask yourself.
God knows you can.
go on.
love like God loves.
love like you should…

from the mind to the mind to the heart (repost)…

the longest journey.
is that from the mind to the heart.
from thinking.
to feeling.
from rationale.
to instinct.
from discord.
to harmony.
from control.
to letting go.
from outside.
to within.
from hate.
to love…

our love shines through…

our love shines through even in the darkest night.
it’s a reminder of all the goodness in our hearts.
it’s an example of what love can be like.
the power it can wield.
the wounds it can heal.
our love shines through even on the gloomiest day.
& it teaches me to smile.
to laugh.
to live life with a spring in my step.
our love shines through even in the fiercest storm.
it’s the guiding light that steers me through this tempestuous illusion.
without even noticing the strife around.
all it makes me see is the peace within.
our love shines through every moment of the day.
i close my eyes & i’m in your arms, as you are in mine.
i love you.
& our love lives on.

celebrate this oneness…

i love you.
always remember that.
we are one.
celebrate this oneness.
be aware of it.
at every step.
at every moment.
nothing else matters.
nothing else exists.
except our love.
i love you.
i know you love me too.
this is what binds us.
through life & after.
our love.
i love you…