listen to your heart…

feel it.
listen hard.
your heart speaks.
in a language that only you will understand.
it’s telling you about your existence.
it’s reminding you to fill your life with love & laughter.
it’s whispering God’s words.
listen carefully.
it’s unraveling secrets.
of your divinity.
if you don’t listen to your heart whom will you listen to?
your heart.
always in tune with the universe.
beating to God’s tune.
to your own higher self.
listen attentively.
it’s talking out loud.
it’s saying we are one.
we are one.
your heart is the universe.
it’s the source.
it’s everything there is.
listen again.
it will never lead you astray.
your heart & God beat as one.
in perfect rhythm.
in perfect harmony.
now & forever.
you just have to feel it.
experience it.
& know it.
we are all just one.
listen to your heart…


here we go.
onward. forward.
always on the move.
stop thinking of the physical realm.
that realm should be a thing of the past.
your role is being determined in the realm of love, laughter & light.
forget that you are human.
know that you are divine.
forget that you are a body.
know that you are a soul.
capable of the most astounding feats that can change the earth.
know that you possess the power to change.
to transform the planet as it exists.
you can & you will bring about positive transformation.
more love will be infused.
more positivity will abound.
you are the change.
go out & fulfill your destiny.
this is the role God sees for you.
this is the role you have chosen in your infinite wisdom.
go beyond boundaries.
beyond the limits of your physical mind.
and be this glorious change.
touch lives.
like they’ve never been touched.
spread love.
like it’s never been spread.
be compassionate.
be giving.
be all you ever dreamed of being.
your only limitation is the extent of your belief.
if you believe that you can, then God tells you that you can.
you will.
you have to.
it is written & it shall be done.
be this change that we all desire.
God is smiling down on you.
we are all one.
& our combined energy is being directed towards you.
filling you with inexhaustible love & energy.
so you can go forth & spread it.
in a way that transforms this planet.

be open…

recognize your soul as your self.
it’s not that hard.
be open.
to all around you.
every breeze that blows carries a message.
every thing you see shows you a sign.
it’s all built in.
be open.
the more open you are, the more prominent the signs & messages.
you are the soul.
with no religion.
you are the soul.
with no country.
you are the soul with just a consciousness.
& a moral duty to spread warmth & love.
where it’s most required.
hear the voice of your heart.
the voice of your own consciousness.
imploring you to act.
be the love you want to receive.
be the laughter you wish to hear.
be the peace you wish to feel.
it’s all within.
be open.
to your inner voice.
to your heartbeat.
to your self.
be open…