for all equally…

all is well.
with the world.
with you.
with me.
we all continue to beat as one heart.
feeling each other’s pain.
feeling each other’s joy.
it’s time we started recognizing this connectedness.
no one can ignore another’s condition.
‘coz at some level it’s his own.
we all are part of one grand creation.
though we have all created our own individual lives,
in the big picture we continue to beat as one heart.
only if we collectively start accepting this,
are we going to ascend further.
we need to move on.
to a higher dimension.
the next realm.
where our inhibitions & fears are further assuaged.
where love flows more freely.
where life takes on new meaning.
the true meaning.
of compassion.
of love.
we are all in it together.
the most sinister criminal & the greatest lover of God.
bound by creation.
& help your fellow humans to rise.
to see.
that all is eventually one.
there is no distinction.
no distinction at all.
see the path He is illuminating with love.
it’s for all.