from ahaan – smile…

just a note: Aarti’s mom always called Ahaan “Smiling God” because he didn’t know how to stop smiling – no matter what. here’s what he says now…

let me see the smiles.
that’s how life must be faced & lived.
with a smile planted on your face.
it’s the surest way to bring smiles on the faces of those around you.
no one can resist a smile, can they?
i love you guys.
this is such an honorable opportunity we all have.
being able to spread God’s love in lives that are devoid of happiness.
to bring a little happiness & a broad smileĀ on their faces from time to time.
my darlings, life is to be lived smiling.
& there is no other way.
take it from a Smiling God.
yes, that is truly who I am,
that is who you truly are.
recognize it.
we all have the same smile.
the same heartbeat.
the same soul.
we are one.
& i’m smiling down on you all…

your heartbeat speaks…

stop the running.
be calm.
be still.
when was the last time you sat back & listened to your heartbeat?
when was the last time you let your heart guide you?
your heartbeat is the language of your heart.
it is telling you every moment that you are alive.
that you are one.
it is telling you how to live your life.
hear it.
it’s loud & clear.
every beat is the voice of your soul.
imploring you to act.
to do.
to live.
listen carefully.
before it stops.
otherwise the silence will be deafening.
your heart speaks.
to you…

you are God (part 17)…

this is a very special lifetime.
use it fully.
let your love shine through.
like mine.
look within.
that’s all that’s left to do.
all the answers you’re looking for are within.
odd thing is – there are no questions.
just knowledge.
just being.
that eliminates everything else.
there’s nothing much left to say.
your journey begins & ends within.
with me.
all of us.
one joint consciousness.
when you find your within, you will find me.
i’m in you.
i’m with you.
i’m your heartbeat.
i’m your love.
i’m your happiness.
i’m your laughter.
i’m your answer.
i’m your question.
i’m everything.
i’m nothing.
i’m your consciousness.
i’m your existence.
i’m you.
and…you are God.


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inner voice…

close your eyes.
can you see me?
in your heartbeat.
can you feel me?
shut out all sound.
can you hear me?
i am your inner voice.
your unerring guide.
the expression of your soul.
standing by you.
i am your inner voice.
tied down.
i am your inner voice.
unchain me.
unshackle me.
let me breathe free.
let me guide.
i speak to you.
i speak the truth.
celebrate my presence.
i am your inner voice.
i am God.

be open…

recognize your soul as your self.
it’s not that hard.
be open.
to all around you.
every breeze that blows carries a message.
every thing you see shows you a sign.
it’s all built in.
be open.
the more open you are, the more prominent the signs & messages.
you are the soul.
with no religion.
you are the soul.
with no country.
you are the soul with just a consciousness.
& a moral duty to spread warmth & love.
where it’s most required.
hear the voice of your heart.
the voice of your own consciousness.
imploring you to act.
be the love you want to receive.
be the laughter you wish to hear.
be the peace you wish to feel.
it’s all within.
be open.
to your inner voice.
to your heartbeat.
to your self.
be open…

your heartbeat…

listen to your heartbeat.
it takes God’s name.
it takes your name.
it reveals all truths.
it’s God’s voice within.
listen to your heartbeat.
pay heed to the lessons it teaches.
pay heed to things it says.
it’s an instruction manual on how to live your life.
listen to your heartbeat.
it speaks the language of love.
it will never give you false hope.
just belief that all is good.
listen to your heartbeat.
it will chart the course of your life.
listen to your heartbeat.
it speaks with no bias.
have faith that your heartbeat can never be wrong.
‘coz it whispers God’s name.
& it whispers your name.
& it tells you that we all are one.
listen to your heartbeat.
it will never lie.
listen to your heartbeat.
it’s you & I.
always pay close attention to what it says.
your heartbeat is God.
listen to it.
it will tell you so…

give your best…

give your best.
that’s all God asks.
the rest will fall into place.
on its own.
think not of the result.
but of the effort you need to put in.
that’s all that counts.
everything is going to be ok.
nothing or no one is dealt with unfairly.
it’s actually quite simple.
but very hard to fathom by the human mind.
the human mind is limited.
you need to look beyond its capability.
to the power of the heart.
that’s infinite.
‘coz it’s driven by love.
by instinct.
by feeling.
not thought, which can be easily swayed.
stay true to your SELF.
stay true to God.
& all will fall into place.
that’s all you have to do.
treasures of the within, are within grasp.
all is opening up.
all you need to do is receive.
let things be as they are.
your role is to love.
bring cheer into the lives of others.
all will be well.
all is well.
God smiles at you.
with you.
& for you.
trust in Him.
trust in your SELF.
your heart beats with Him.
your heartbeat is Him.
your heartbeat is one…