the wonder of you & me…

they say you’ve gone,
why don’t i believe them?
they say you’ll never return.
why don’t i hear them?
is it ‘coz you tell me so each day?
is it ‘coz i know in my heart you forever stay?

they say i should be struck with grief.
why don’t i cry then?
they say it’s the greatest loss one can face.
why don’t i feel incomplete then?
is it ‘coz you tell me so each day?
is it ‘coz i know in my heart you forever stay?

it’s tough for them to fathom the depth of our love.
it’s tough for them to fathom the strength of our bond.
it’s just a narrow chasm that lies between life & death.
a distance too small to divide what we have.

only you & i truly know what we share.
the light of many lifetimes.
blinding us.
so that we can clearly see,
the wonder of being you & me.

your heart…(re-post)

your heart.
your treasure cove.
always full.
with love.
it’s beautiful.
it brings smiles.
it attracts.
it brings together.
everything else misleads.
treat it well.
it will serve you well.
always keep you guided.
always keep you loved.
your heart.
beating to God’s tune.
divine dance.
divine love.
yours for the taking.
for a beautiful world.
with all hearts beating.
as one.

all is well…

on the many lessons learnt.
& the many taught.
that God is always with you.
in ways you can’t imagine.
& closer than you can fathom.
is in your heart.
in the one place that’s truly yours.
all of us.
as one family.
as one.
& it’s for keeps.
no going back.
your life.
is special in so many ways.
live it.
with love.
with tenderness.
with compassion.
all His blessings.
all His love.
are with you.
trust in that.
all is well…