you are God (part 3)…

your lessons are learnt.
put them in practice.
every breathing moment.
each second.
that you are God.
what would He do if He were you?
He would readily forgive the most heinous sins.
He would forget the most scathing remarks.
He would touch you with His gentle love.
He would bring untold happiness in your life.
He would truly care for the meekest of the meek.
He would shine undaunted in the darkest night.
He would be the unconditional solace for hurting souls.
He would be divine energy flowing through all.
He would be calm in the midst of the fiercest storm.
He would never judge, no matter what the act.
He would accept the world as it is – perfect.
He would innately know that He, too, is perfect.
live like Him.
from this moment on.
you are Him.
you are God.
you are the source.
from which all come.
and into which all merge.
you are the universe.
you are all creation.
this is how you will live from now on.
from this very moment.
not only believing.
but actually knowing.
that You are God.
You are God.
I am God.
there is NO difference between any of us.
except the states of realization & faith.
that we are all nothing, if not God…