true lesson of oneness…

learn the true lesson of oneness.
& you’ve learnt all there is to learn.
it’s the hardest lesson to imbibe.
you will be thrown off-track.
but continue to return to this premise.
that we are truly one.
each & every ONE of us.
different forms, but the same consciousness.
the same source.
one God.
learn it.
live it.
& you will be one.
you are one.
keep reminding yourself.
all through the day.
you are one.
i am one.
God is one.
the true lesson of oneness…

all the love in the world (repost)…

all the love in the world.
resides in our precious hearts.
all creation.
stems from us.
God has made us.
a mirror image.
of himself.
find that perfection.
find that peace.
find that love.
that resides in us all.
one with our consciousness.
one with our SELF.
then you’ll see the wonder.
of your being.
of everyone’s being.
of oneness.
to this reality.
that we are all one.
that we are all God’s reflection.
that’s what is meant by “God is ONE”