the illusion…

it’s all an illusion.
birth & death.
think nothing of it.
just keep seeking your SELF.
the SELF that is cocooned within.
away from this illusion.
the true SELF.
nestled deep within.
this is your true state.
this is it.
there’s nothing else to seek or find.
the outside is an illusion.
let it exist to stimulate your mind.
but your soul can only be stimulated by your within.
with thoughts & feelings of love & oneness.
& by realizing your own divinity.
that’s all there is.
the outside is foreign.
it has nothing to do with anything.
like watching a movie.
the minute you get involved in it, it will suck you in.
& that makes it harder to get out of the illusion.
distinguish wisely between the reality of your within & the illusion of your outside.
i love you truly.
you are capable of the same love towards all.
that is your divinity.
your Godliness.
your freedom from the clutches of,
the illusion…

o great one…

everything stems from the soul.
the beginning & the end.
the never beginning & the never ending.
it’s the ‘is’ presence within.
the source.
the soul.
this is your guide.
this is your self.
nothing more.
nothing less.
everything else is expendable.
take care of the soul.
nourish it with good thoughts.
nourish it with good feelings.
feelings of love & compassion.
your soul is your within.
& it’s the same as everyone else’s within too.
we are but one.
just one.
remember that always.
all the great ones realized that.
that was their greatness.
make this your greatness.
see the oneness of all.
see the oneness in all.
truly recognize this.
o great one….