big lesson…

a big lesson.
dissolve into nothingness.
that’s existence infinite.
try to think about this.
it’s everything you need to know.
these are riddles you can solve once you delve deep into your own consciousness.
remember that you already have all this knowledge.
the truth is deeply ingrained within you.
you need to start peeling off the layers of illusion.
to arrive at your own existential truths.
the truth common to all.
all that you’ve worked towards is coming to fruition.
every sacrifice you’ve made is beginning to pay off.
this truly is the beginning of the end of ‘life’ as you know it.
after this you’ll live life as it truly exists.
with love & in eternity.
your past is slipping away.
let it.
all is as it should be.
trust in it.
every moment.
keep your faith.
it will not let you down.
remember all is good.
life & its true meaning are revealing themselves to you.
experience a life with no regrets.
experience a life with no expectation.
experience a life filled with love.
experience infinity in the true sense.
experience the infinity of existence.
as one.