you are God (part 4)…

give your best.
your effort is what counts.
not the result.
live like this.
& never shall you be disappointed.
never shall you expect anything to turn out a certain way.
your job is to do.
& do selflessly.
with your heart & soul.
that’s all you have to be concerned with.
leave the rest to the universe.
remember everything is interconnected.
your thoughts, your energy.
all combine at some point.
in a way to make you see the power you truly possess.
the power to do anything.
the power to will anything.
to overcome anything.
this is something every one of us has.
this power needs to be channeled for the greater good of creation.
your creation.
all are together in this existence.
there are no differences.
each of us has the source within.
each of us is the source.
different levels of recognition.
that’s the only reason we seem different.
at the end of the day we are but ONE.
just one.
the same.
see that.
every waking moment.
learn to keep that in mind.
at all times.
slowly at first.
till it becomes ingrained in you.
then you’ll see black & white as the same color.
day & night as the same time.
love & hate as the same emotion.
laughter & tears as the same reaction.
stone & water as the same object.
everything around you is the creation of your own being.
nothing is as it appears.
change your perception and the same thing appears as something totally different.
try it.
it works.
the glass is half full & half empty at the same time.
how do you see it?
trust me.
we are here to learn this.
we are here to see that we are in an illusion.
& once you do, it’s like a bubble that snaps.
never to be seen again.
learn this.
believe this.
live this.
nothing exists but you.
you have to.
because you are God.
I am God.
we are all God.
and that my dears is the simple honest to GOD truth.
the secret of life.
the only thing you ever need to know.
exist as one.
just one.
You are me.
You are him.
You are her.
You are anyone you want to be.
because You are God…

all is as it should be…

all is as it should be.
trust in that.
live with no expectation.
‘coz it’s already been fulfilled.
live with no fear.
‘coz everything is exactly as you’ve chosen.
live with no want.
‘coz everything is already provided for.
everything in this life & beyond is your manifestation.
each decision has been taken in consultation with your higher SELF.
keep that connection going.
that’s your bond.
with God.
with your higher self.
everything else is physical.
this bond is what unites us.
‘coz we all are one.
the same higher self.
everything stems from here.
the world unites at this point.
let the external world be.
it’s meant to be as it is.
concentrate on the internal universe.
the reality.
where all is one & one is all.
where love lives.
where bliss abounds.
where we all are our true SELF.
the external world exists to teach.
the internal is the temple.
where the lessons are stored.
all is as it should be.
each day.
each moment.
you can either be closer to your SELF, or more distant.
it all depends on whether you learn or ignore.