lost in silence…

i’m lost in silence.
swimming in the ocean of love.
what a beautiful existence.
this is it!!
there’s only love.
whichever way you look.
whichever way you go.
love is inescapable.
allow it to engulf you.
wash over you.
like a strong current.
let go.
let it take you.
carry you to the ocean of love.
so we can be together there.
i love you…

so close…

so close.
so close are we.
to each other.
to everyone.
just a breath away.
just a thought away.
this is such a beautiful existence.
so much has transpired over so many lifetimes.
we are finally at the end.
we are finally to be one forever.
this is the time to radiate your love.
to shine.
be the ones that are looked up to for inspiration.
use your gift.
you don’t know it, but you are giving strength to many.
you are bringing love into the lives of several.
this is the way it must be.
spreading the gift of love to people you know as well as to strangers.
keep this up.
& soon you will have infused this world with more love than it has seen in a long while.
be in His love & light.
be in your own love & light.
spread your wings.
to Him.
to love.

one love…

don’t ignore your feelings.
feelings are from the heart.
like love is.
love is your calling.
love is the calling of all.
how can it not be?
when we are all one.
one love.
one heart.
beating together.
beating for each other.
one life.
no end.
no beginning.
just existence.
as one.
one love.
all there is.
one you.
one me.
one God.
one love.

trust & faith…

all that is happening is meant to.
let it play out.
always for the better.
let trust & faith be the cornerstones of your existence.
trust & faith in your SELF.
remember you are the creator of all that happens.
trust it is good.
trust all is well.
it can never be any other way.
it doesn’t need to be…


language leads to duality.
thoughts lead to duality.
emotions lead to duality.
only being is oneness.
just be.
let the duality exist in the illusion.
but let being exist in your awareness.
that’s what you need to do.
everything is the same when you just allow yourself to be.
aware of every breath.
aware of every nuance.
aware that you are & that’s all.
no other thought permeates your mind.
nothing causes a flutter in your heart.
just be.
in the knowledge that you are.
what a state!
you are a step away.
but this is the most difficult step.
the greatest leap.
are you ready to forget everything you hold true?
to forget everything around you?
there is nothing.
all is within.
your being.
just be.
your existence.
God’s existence.
is one within.
when you let yourself be, you are also letting God be.
be one with you.