you are one (repost)…

you are one with all.
stay focused on that.
it is the key to God.
learn well.
practice what you learn.
no matter what, be true to yourself.
remember the water.
nothing can change its nature of flowing.
go with it.
take the first step.
get washed away.
merge with the water.
then you are one.
and nothing can happen to you.
little lessons.
read between the lines.
if you are one with something.
you become it.
then it can’t affect you.
that’s why being one is everything.
if you are one with everything.
nothing can affect you.
because you are that.
be one.
with every person.
with every situation.
that’s merging.
that’s detachment.
that’s Godliness.
we are all one.
get it?