let it prevail.
for all time to come.
be a part of it.
only if everyone contributes to it, will it manifest itself completely.
start by making your own life peaceful.
in every way.
eliminate the strife within.
be at peace with yourself first.
then with your loved ones.
achieve this & half the battle is won.
more than half.
all your actions will then stem from the peace you feel within.
you will radiate peace & love.
all around you will feel it.
be attracted to it.
they will look for their own peace.
& that’s how it will happen.
God recognizes the deep peace within you.
so deep that it warms His heart.
spread that peace.
He just wants that.
the message of peace & love to be instilled in one & all.
that’s it.
once that is done, so is everything.
peace. love. always.
Merry Christmas…