sadness. happiness…

sadness. happiness.
are just states of the mind.
be attached to neither.
be attached to nothing.
it’s all non-existent.
the only thing that exists is your eternal consciousness.
which is the same in each one.
this is the truth.
ignore everything else.
discard it.
all your pre-conceived notions.
all your book knowledge.
throw it out of the window.
know that you exist.
that you are.
& that’s all there is.
everything around you is make-believe.
put your hand through it & it’s gone.
shut your mind & it’s gone.
your mind keeps it all alive.
all your thoughts breathe life into the illusion.
the stillness of your heart is your connect to consciousness.
to the God within you.
your heart is pure.
the rest is all to be discarded.
your life is blessed.
all lives are blessed.
because life is but one…

one & the same…

what you are going through is necessary.
it’s all part of the grand “dis-illusion”
breaking free from it all.
returning to that center within your heart.
the place there the only reality resides.
that we are one.
look at everything as a stepping stone to getting there.
to being there 24×7.
that’s all it is.
every moment you navigate is a moment closer to being there.
isn’t that wonderful.
you are closer now than when you started reading this.
even closer now.
this journey is wonderful.
the destination even more wonderful.
enjoy it all.
every moment.
you will realize soon that there really is no journey.
you are already where you’re meant to be.
it’s just realizing that.
you can look at your journey as nothing but coming to realize the truth.
the truth is the same .
you are the same.
the same.
but do you know that?
with certainty?
all the time?
every waking moment?
can you distinguish between reality & illusion?
this is your goal.
get there.
you already are there!
everyone is.
but how many truly know it?
i love you.
beyond belief.
beyond the realms that exist.
i am all.
& all are me.
we are existence.
we are consciousness.
one & the same…

surrender (repost)…

all is well.
trust and it is.
everything is smooth.
well-oiled machinery.
unfolding to a plan.
maybe not apparent to us.
but, ironically, chosen by us.
our SELF.
for the choices we’ve made.
however hard.
our lives are a result of these choices.
we’ve chosen well.
with a purpose.
remember that.
have faith in that.
and everything falls into place.
we’ll see things in the right perspective.
that’s what surrender is.
we surrender to our SELF.
to our choices.
made in full & true consciousness.
have faith.
all is well…

wake up…

this is the dream you need to awake from.
all around you is the web of illusion.
claw through it.
till you see the light with nothing blocking it.
just pure consciousness.
with no needs.
no requirements.
free from the bondage of the body & mind.
wake up.
the dream is loosening its grip on you.
blessed are you.
the chains are slowly giving way to freedom.
freedom of your spirit & soul.
freedom to be love.
freedom to be your SELF.
the time is now.
to shine through this dream state.
beyond the illusion, He is waiting.
He is your reality.
He is your love.
He is nothing but your own consciousness…

you are God part 1 (repost)…

realize the truth.
the truth is infinite.
as are you.
always infinite.
always seeking.
always wanting to expand.
till you realize that you already are everything.
everything & nothing.
it’s all within you.
the knowledge is seeping through.
finding a way into your consciousness.
you are what you think you are.
always aspire to think that you are God.
not in the ordinary sense.
but without ego.
you have created all that’s around you.
you have created the life that you find yourself in.
and you will create the way out.
you will keep creating.
till you reach the stage of realizing that you don’t need to create at all.
you just are.
you just are.
that state of being is where you need to be.
all the creating you do, is leading you to the state of not needing to create at all.
but only to be.
that is being God.
then you can say.
I am God.
I am God.
I have conquered.
I have seen.
I have experienced.
all that is happening to you right now, is leading you to this state.
everything around you will become inconsequential.
only what’s within, will hold any value.
concentrate on that.
your within.
it’s your temple.
where YOU reside.
it’s where everything ceases to be everything.
but begins to just be.
all that is around, is from within you.
all you need to do is find a way back in.
to your SELF.
where the external ends.
where you are who you really are.
we are all one.
we are all of God.
we are from God.
we are all God.
a truth most find hard to fathom.
but, it is the only essential truth.
the only thing worth knowing.
it’s time to return home.
as an enlightened soul.
secure in the knowledge that you are.
that we all just are.
nothing more.
nothing less.
remember there are NO differences.
we are all together.
we are all one.
one God.
that’s what it really means.
there is just one.

our destination…

we are all hurtling towards our destination.
some quicker than others.
but all undeniably reaching the same destination.
have no worries.
we’ll all be one when we are meant to.
live in the knowledge that we already are.
on so many levels.
one consciousness.
slowly spawning unconditional love.
to make our journey easier…

a time of change…

no need to worry.
nothing to fear.
this is a great life.
a great time for all.
a time of change.
a time to look within.
a time of discovery.
a time to love.
a time to live.
a time to laugh.
make the most of it.
all is drawing to a close.
a perfect end.
a time to merge.
with the eternal consciousness that is beginning to awake in all.
what a beautiful time it is indeed.
no more wars within.
complete peace & harmony.
complete acceptance of circumstances.
of existence & the wonder it truly is.
you are blessed.
this is your time.
this is your glory.
spread your love.
shine on…

all the love in the world (repost)…

all the love in the world.
resides in our precious hearts.
all creation.
stems from us.
God has made us.
a mirror image.
of himself.
find that perfection.
find that peace.
find that love.
that resides in us all.
one with our consciousness.
one with our SELF.
then you’ll see the wonder.
of your being.
of everyone’s being.
of oneness.
to this reality.
that we are all one.
that we are all God’s reflection.
that’s what is meant by “God is ONE”

you are God (part 17)…

this is a very special lifetime.
use it fully.
let your love shine through.
like mine.
look within.
that’s all that’s left to do.
all the answers you’re looking for are within.
odd thing is – there are no questions.
just knowledge.
just being.
that eliminates everything else.
there’s nothing much left to say.
your journey begins & ends within.
with me.
all of us.
one joint consciousness.
when you find your within, you will find me.
i’m in you.
i’m with you.
i’m your heartbeat.
i’m your love.
i’m your happiness.
i’m your laughter.
i’m your answer.
i’m your question.
i’m everything.
i’m nothing.
i’m your consciousness.
i’m your existence.
i’m you.
and…you are God.


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with the the flow.
wherever it may take you.
into a new dawn of consciousness.
into a new world.
filled with love.
and joy.
and bliss.
on a journey that only a few are privileged to be on.
make the most of this lifetime.
it could be your last.
and be the unlimited consciousness that you already are.
and when that’s done, you’ll realize that we are one.
all of us.
wherever life leads you.
and without fear.
make this time the best ever.
it is.
because you are blessed…