surrender (repost)…

all is well.
trust and it is.
everything is smooth.
well-oiled machinery.
unfolding to a plan.
maybe not apparent to us.
but, ironically, chosen by us.
our SELF.
for the choices we’ve made.
however hard.
our lives are a result of these choices.
we’ve chosen well.
with a purpose.
remember that.
have faith in that.
and everything falls into place.
we’ll see things in the right perspective.
that’s what surrender is.
we surrender to our SELF.
to our choices.
made in full & true consciousness.
have faith.
all is well…

the power of choice (repost)…

the power of choice.
your greatest gift.
choose your state of mind.
choose your existence.
choose your creation.
choose everything.
it’s your greatest gift.
choose well.
your life boils down to your choices.
you can choose to be happy in the most trying circumstances.
or, you can choose to be miserable in the most comfortable circumstances.
it’s your choice to make.
your present lifetime is spent based on these choices.
then choose well.
choose to be happy.
choose to laugh.
choose to pursue wisdom.
choose warmth.
choose to have faith.
choose to believe.
that all is as it should be.
chosen by you.
and no one else…