give your best…

give your best.
that’s all God asks.
the rest will fall into place.
on its own.
think not of the result.
but of the effort you need to put in.
that’s all that counts.
everything is going to be ok.
nothing or no one is dealt with unfairly.
it’s actually quite simple.
but very hard to fathom by the human mind.
the human mind is limited.
you need to look beyond its capability.
to the power of the heart.
that’s infinite.
‘coz it’s driven by love.
by instinct.
by feeling.
not thought, which can be easily swayed.
stay true to your SELF.
stay true to God.
& all will fall into place.
that’s all you have to do.
treasures of the within, are within grasp.
all is opening up.
all you need to do is receive.
let things be as they are.
your role is to love.
bring cheer into the lives of others.
all will be well.
all is well.
God smiles at you.
with you.
& for you.
trust in Him.
trust in your SELF.
your heart beats with Him.
your heartbeat is Him.
your heartbeat is one…