feel the calmness within…

feel the calmness within.
it exists.
in abundance.
open up to it.
dissolve in it.
let it consume you.
right now it’s just flashes.
let it become complete.
immerse yourself in your own divinity.
let the light of your love permeate through your being.
let it shine forth.
let it be an example of what love can do.
how it can conquer.
how it can transform.
you are forever in His love.
let others forever be in your love.
this is the only way.
unconditional love.
the day this defines you, you would have achieved all there is to achieve.
then the illusion will be totally useless to you.
you will remain unaffected by everything because you will only love.
nothing else will matter.
nothing else will have a hold over you.
your love will unshackle every chain that binds you to this illusion.
set yourself free with love.
& more love.
I love you…

the calmness within…

the calmness within is bound to grow.
to an extent that you are on an even keel throughout.
that’s the stage that beckons.
it’s within your grasp.
open your eyes to it.
open your heart to it.
there’s been a lot of hard work that’s been put in.
the fruits now beckon.
take the opportunities to go beyond.
feel your love.
and pass it along.
spread it whenever you get the chance.
to whoever comes in front of you.
such is the power of your love – it will completely set you free.
for eternity…

the lake…

your journey begins on the outside.
but ends within.
the within.
where all is peaceful.
ask the questions.
to be shown the way to the calmness within.
the lake.
with no ripples.
absolutely still.
it’s within each of us.
this lake.
it’s your consciousness.
by whatever is happening in the external.
this is where we need to be.
it’s an amazing journey.
swim in it.
dive to its depths.
to feel peace.
like you’ve never felt before.
where all merges into the still waters.
of your consciousness.
where the water becomes you.
you become the water.
that’s becoming one with your consciousness.
the end of duality.
the consciousness that binds us all.
the oneness.
truly blessed are you.
find your lake.
find God.
safely ensconced within you.
be secure in the knowledge.
that no harm can come to you.
because you are He.
and He is you.
one consciousness.
just one.
look deep within your lake.
privileged are you to recognize this.
beyond your wildest imagination are you loved.
dive in.
meter by meter.
close in.
to the bottom of the lake.
to the serenity.
the stillness.
the treasure.
let it unfold.
you don’t need to hold your breath.
the water is the air.
one & the same.
that’s the oneness.
not just of our souls.
but of all elements.
waiting for you.
at the bottom.
of your lake…