meet we will…(repost)

always in motion.
leading me to you.
every moment that passes.
makes me a moment closer to you.
and meet we will.
no matter what.
in a way that will be unbelievable.
a shining example.
of faith & love.
of bonds & belief.
there for the world to see.
and emulate.

the journey continues…

the journey continues.
in a constant state of motion.
flow with it.
it will lead you home.
let all be.
it’s meant to be.
it’s happening for a reason.
trust implicitly.
that all will turn out well.
let go any bonds.
let go any attachments.
just be your SELF.
that’s all.
the oneness of yourself.
the oneness of your consciousness.
you’re doing well.
no harm will befall you.
stay true.
stay strong.
stay in faith.
there’s love all around.
believe that your life is good.
believe that your life is blessed.
the journey continues.
roll on.
find your own way to God.
the road is open.
nothing is holding you back.
except your mind.
liberate your mind to see the world as it truly is.
an illusion.
all that you see doesn’t exist in the real sense.
it’s make believe.
don’t get caught in the trap.
tear away.
break through.
it’s easy.
with faith.
with love.
with the belief.
that you are God.
you can manifest anything you want.
your ‘reality’ is as good or bad as you make it.
choose well.
wish well.
& all shall be well…