in response to – “do you still believe in the dark / evil / bad? why?”…

Yesterday I read a post that really got me thinking – it’s probably amongst the best posts I’ve read over the past year. It was called: “Do You Believe In The Dark / Evil / Bad? Why?”
(suggest you guys read it).

It’s a question, I’m sure most battle with…what about the dark / evil / bad forces?? You are so right. They’re all us. Instead of battling them, we should let them go their merry way. Aren’t we strengthening them by giving them space in our minds – reinforcing the power the wield over us? And who really are “they”??

Once we realize the oneness of all – of everything, then maybe we start accepting everyone & everything as being the same. So where are the dark / evil forces then??? It’s all within isn’t it? Everything!! It’s like this movie we’re all producing / directing for ourselves. Everyone out there is playing a role & that’s all it is – a role!! There is no good & evil – there just is. There is no right & wrong – there just is. There is no you & me – there just is. There is nothing but existence. Oneness. Love. Harmony. Peace. Bliss. That’s all there really is. And it’s here right now. We don’t need to wait till the December 2012 or May 2029 or September 2078 – it’s here right now. In our hearts. All the love you need. All the peace you need. All the oneness you need. Everything is in our hearts. Within. It’s so beautiful. It has to be. It’s God…

Thank you again, E. This was an awesome post.

love is the key…

it’s the key to all creation.
there isn’t a lock built that it won’t open.
sometimes you need to try repeatedly,
but make no mistake – love is the master-key to every lock.
i love you.
you are open books on which I can write freely.
my words of love.
my words of bliss.
i love you…

i am in bliss…

i am in bliss.
in total love.
surrounded by happiness.
it;s time to cast aside all doubts.
just know that we are one.
one like you’ve never believed one to be.
oneness that can only be felt, not explained.
our greatest gift.
our greatest bond.
there is absolutely NO difference between you & i.
what you are, i am.
what i am, you are.
that’s it, in a nutshell.
understand these words & everything becomes crystal clear.
lift the veil before your eyes.
as one.
as God.
that is the only truth.
& that is why i am in total bliss…


with the the flow.
wherever it may take you.
into a new dawn of consciousness.
into a new world.
filled with love.
and joy.
and bliss.
on a journey that only a few are privileged to be on.
make the most of this lifetime.
it could be your last.
and be the unlimited consciousness that you already are.
and when that’s done, you’ll realize that we are one.
all of us.
wherever life leads you.
and without fear.
make this time the best ever.
it is.
because you are blessed…

you are God (part 13)…

all this is but a dream.
live it up.
treat it as a dream.
don’t get too involved.
when things get too intense or unbearable,
step back & see the illusion for what it is.
you are divine.
nothing can touch you.
these are mere experiences on your own chosen path.
to realize your own divinity.
put everything in the right perspective.
nothing exists but you.
so why feel low or mournful or sad?
there is no need.
tap your inner resources.
they are filled with bliss.
they are brimming with laughter.
they are secure in the knowledge that all is as it should be.
this physical realm, by nature, is transient.
you, by nature, are eternal.
so why worry?
why weep?
when all is not what it seems.
wake up from you dream.
open your eyes for the very first time.
acknowledge your own divinity.
& that of all as one.
that is what you need to achieve.
right here.
right now.
believe this to be the truth.
not because someone is telling,
but because you innately know this.
your inner voice screams this all day.
let it seep through your conscious mind.
you are God…

all is as it should be…

all is as it should be.
trust in that.
live with no expectation.
‘coz it’s already been fulfilled.
live with no fear.
‘coz everything is exactly as you’ve chosen.
live with no want.
‘coz everything is already provided for.
everything in this life & beyond is your manifestation.
each decision has been taken in consultation with your higher SELF.
keep that connection going.
that’s your bond.
with God.
with your higher self.
everything else is physical.
this bond is what unites us.
‘coz we all are one.
the same higher self.
everything stems from here.
the world unites at this point.
let the external world be.
it’s meant to be as it is.
concentrate on the internal universe.
the reality.
where all is one & one is all.
where love lives.
where bliss abounds.
where we all are our true SELF.
the external world exists to teach.
the internal is the temple.
where the lessons are stored.
all is as it should be.
each day.
each moment.
you can either be closer to your SELF, or more distant.
it all depends on whether you learn or ignore.