where are you?…

where are you?
you are at the right place.
where you’re meant to be.
exactly there & no place else.
be in the moment.
no matter where you find yourself.
be in that space.
with a smile on your lips.
be happy.
be blessed.
because you are.
count the blessings that are showered upon you at every moment.
count the wonderful moments that have gone & that are to come.
but live in the present one.
because that’s the only one that counts.
that’s the only one that’s yours.
you are where you’re meant to be.
right now.

walk on…

we walk on.
all as one.
an example of how to live life.
with all the blessings & love showered upon us.
we keep doing what we must.
all is good.
waiting for the time we’ll be in full awareness of our eternal togetherness.
biding time.
seeing all glow.
seeing all love.
seeing all blossom.
our eventual journey is together.
hand in hand.
with all mankind.
until then, we walk on…

all is well…

on the many lessons learnt.
& the many taught.
that God is always with you.
in ways you can’t imagine.
& closer than you can fathom.
is in your heart.
in the one place that’s truly yours.
all of us.
as one family.
as one.
& it’s for keeps.
no going back.
your life.
is special in so many ways.
live it.
with love.
with tenderness.
with compassion.
all His blessings.
all His love.
are with you.
trust in that.
all is well…

the journey…

what a journey.
you are provided with all you need.
to complete this beautiful journey.
stop at some moments & enjoy the ride.
savour these moments.
that are many on this ride.
all is winding down nicely.
the realization that all are one is becoming stronger.
the old is dying.
embrace the love that’s flowing.
finding its way to you.
allow it.
enjoy it.
& send it on its way to another after becoming part of it.
the most unexpected souls will come into your lives.
give them love.
this is the highest form of love.
all is well.
all is perfect.
close your eyes.
& reflect on your blessings.
reflect on all that’s good.
you are beginning to see the mysterious & wonderful ways of God.
feel the forgiveness within.
the ability to let go.
it’s beautiful.
you are on this beautiful journey ‘coz you’re meant to be on it.
let this journey engulf you.
immerse yourself in it.
till you become the journey.
one with it.
that’s being God.
when you are one with everything.