stay calm (repost)…

stay calm.
amid the fiercest storm.
it will pass.
and all will be the same again.
including you.
be still.
in all circumstances.
even if everything around you appears changed.
or in turmoil.
that’s inner strength.
that’s faith.
that’s belief.
in your SELF.
that a place far more beautiful than your most vivid imagination exists.
that place beckons you.
that place awaits you.
and there you shall be.
be still.
and you’ll be there.
stay calm.
all is well…

meet we will…(repost)

always in motion.
leading me to you.
every moment that passes.
makes me a moment closer to you.
and meet we will.
no matter what.
in a way that will be unbelievable.
a shining example.
of faith & love.
of bonds & belief.
there for the world to see.
and emulate.