you are love…

it’s all about love.
all your actions, words & thoughts must stem from love.
they must have their foundations deep-rooted in love.
then you will will rise.
& it won’t even matter to you if you do or not.
because you will be filled with selfless love.
what happens to you will no longer be of concern to you.
the only thing that will matter is love.
love all like you love Him.
that’s all you need to do.
love is what it’s all about.
love is divinity.
love is God.
you are God.
so you must be love too.
realize this.
you are love.
you have to be.
there is no other way.
only love.
love conquers.
love is.
love will always be.
& you are the epitome of love.

light & love (repost)…

there is nothing but light & love.
all pervading.
let it into your heart.
let it into your being.
light & love.
will serve you in your darkest hour.
will serve others in your brightest hour.
the idea is to serve.
it’s up to you to make all your hours bright.
so you can spread the light & love that shines fiercely within you.
you have to ignite this in all.
‘coz all have the same light & love within.
go forth.
& touch people in ways that ignites this light & love.
brings it to the surface.
so all of creation twinkles, sparkles with the same light.
the same intensity of joy.
all as one.
what a beautiful world.
this is the creation all dream of.
but not enough will it.
you can will it, you know.
of course you can.
collectively as one.
anything is possible.
believe strongly.
& it shall be done.
you have God’s blessings for all time to come.
you are among His special ones.
full of light.
full of love.
His light & love.
that can never be extinguished.
that will shine no matter what.
you have this gift from Him.
use it.
be Him.
So He can be you.
forget everything that has happened.
only know that the road ahead is illuminated.
by the light & love that shines within you.
you can never be lost.
never be without love.
because you are the light.
you are the love.
shine on.
shine forth.
your light & love…

atoms, cells & molecules…

all is beautiful.
the sun.
the moon.
the stars.
all of nature dances in divine unity.
you are part of this unity.
this oneness.
dance with complete abandon.
celebrate existence.
the permanency of existence.
the fact that there is no life & no death.
just “is” & “am” forever.
see the beauty in the smallest things.
the atoms.
the cells.
the molecules.
all are part of something bigger.
that’s how we are.
the atoms, cells & molecules of existence.
all coming together to make a whole.
one complete.
this is how all is to be perceived.
this is how we are all incomplete without each other.
i complete you.
just as you complete me.
all of us together.
in “complete” harmony.
as one.
see the beauty of this oneness.
like a jigsaw.
pieces fitting together.
atoms, cells & molecules…